Saturday, December 30, 2006

Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul,
With a corncob pipe and a button nose,
and two eyes made out of Hugh Laurie.

Frosty the Snowman
from the Christmas Song Generator.

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This made me laugh uncontrollably, for some reason.


I died in the Dungeon of Valerie2776

I was killed in a cramped hall by Ukrazy the gelatinous cube, whilst carrying...

a Figurine of Turntap2, the Wand of Long Pants, the Axe of Iownyouboth, the Sword of Trogdor, the Sceptre of Not Factoring Polynomials, the Dagger of the Pink Album and 4 gold pieces.

Score: 39

Explore the Dungeon of Valerie2776 and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...
These are fun. I didn't know that jello was so mean. EDIT: Yay! I...won?

I escaped from the Dungeon of Valerie2776!

I killed Shandy789 the nymph and Ukrazy the gelatinous cube.

I looted the Sceptre of Not Factoring Polynomials, the Axe of Iownyouboth, the Wand of Long Pants, the Dagger of the Pink Album, the Sword of Trogdor, the Armour of Pom Pom, a Figurine of Turntap2, the Axe of Here Come the Abcs and 23 gold pieces.

Score: 98

Explore the Dungeon of Valerie2776 and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...
I was stuck in two rooms. One with bones are scattered in the shape of Flansburgh. o.O

Friday, December 29, 2006

John Linnell? Where we're going we don't need John Linnell.

Which movie was this quote from?

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Hugh Laurie, for lack of a better word, is good.

Which movie was this quote from?

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Yessir. I have nothing to do. I got the first half of the second season of the Office from the library yesterday, and I've pretty much watched all of it. The Dundy Awards one is my favorite, I think. Or the Christmas Party. Um... Craig Ferguson is funny.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Why does not one single user have John Sidney Linnell or John Conant Flansburgh in their interests? This is odd to me.


1. Where is your cell phone?: livingroom 2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend? no 3. Your hair?: messy 4. Your father?: work 5. Your mother?: daycare 6. Your favorite item?: computer 7. Your dream last night?: canoe 8. Your favorite drink?: milk 9. Your dream car? DeLorean 10. The room you are in?: computer 12. Your fear?: inadequacy 13. What do you want to be in 10 years?: alive 14. Who did you hang out with last night?: myself 15. What you're not?: hungry 16. Muffins?: YES! 17: One of your wish list items?: iPod 18: Time?: 2:21 19. Last thing you did? muffin 20. What are you wearing?: pajamas 23. The last thing you ate?: muffin 24. Your life?: quiet 25. Your mood?: bored-ish 26. Your friends: awesome 27. What are you thinking about right now? library 28. Your candy?: jolly 29. What are you doing at the moment?: typing 30. Your summer? over 31. Your relationship status?: single I'm going to get a shot to prevent some disease soon. I kinda like shots. People think it's strange that I enjoy going to the dentists and getting blood drawn and stuff like that. I don't understand why people have such hugh fears about those type of things. Hehe. Huge.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A long survey that I think you'll find most intersting.

50 of the most random things you probably never needed to know about someone. 1. What's your name spelled backwards? Eirelav. 2. What did you do last night? Played DDR and stuff with my cousins. 3. The last thing you downloaded onto your computer? I'm downloading the episode of SNL that Hugh Laurie hosted right now off iTunes. 640 MB takes a long time. 4. Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery? No. 5. Last time you swam in a pool? A long long time ago. Sometime during last summer. 6. What are you wearing? The Cheat shirt I got for Christmas and windpants or whatever they're called. 7. How many cars have you owned? None. 8. Type of music you dislike most? Country and rap. 9. Are you registered to vote? No. 10. Do you have cable? No. 11. What kind of computer do you use? Compaq Windows XP 12. Ever made a prank phone call? I've listened as someone else has. 13. You like anyone right now? No. 14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? Prolly not. Def not skydiving. 15. Furthest place you ever traveled? Niagra Falls. 16. Do you have a garden? No, but one time I tried to grow watermelons, but I planted them too late in the year so they only grew to be like 6 inches across then started to rot. 17. What's your favorite comic strip? Calvin and Hobbes! 18. Do you know all the words to the national anthem? Yes. 19. Shower, morning or night? Night. 20. Best movie you've seen in the past month? Uh...I can't remember. Oh! Wordplay. It's a documentary on crosswords. I'm a geek. 21. Favorite pizza toppings? Pepperoni. 22. Chips or popcorn? Chips. I don't like popcorn all that much. Except if it has cheese or caramel or white chocolate on it. 23. What cell phone provider do you have? Stupid Virgin Mobile. 24. Have you ever smoked peanut shells? No. 25. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant? No. But some girl from Little Miss Sunshine was on Leno the other day and she was talking about dogs, I think. 26. Orange Juice or apple? Apple. Pulp is gross. 27. Who were the last people you sat at lunch with? My family. At school, my class. 28. Favorite chocolate bar? Butterfinger. 29. Who is your longest friend and how long? My cousin. Does that count? Since she was born. 30. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato? Never willingly. I don't like tomatoes. 31. Have you ever won a trophy? Yes. From soccer. But every person on ever team got one. 32.Favorite artist? They Might Be Giants 33. Favorite computer game? I used to be obsessed with Roller Coaster Tycoon. Now, I don't know. 34. Ever ordered from an infomercial? No. But I love watching them. Ronco knives and the Magic Bullet and all manners of vacuum cleaners. 35. Sprite or 7-UP? I like both. 36. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work? Not that I can think of. 37. Last thing you bought at Walmart? Christmas presents on Thursday. A CD and coffee/hot chocolate/banana bread mix/blueberry muffin mix and two pairs of slippers and soap-type stuff. 38. Ever thrown up in public? A long time ago. I haven't puked in like 7 years. Yay. XD 39. Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love? True love, I guess. 40. Do you believe in love at first sight? No. 41.Can x's just be friends? Yes. 42. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital? Probably someone from church. Haven't been to one in a while. 43. Did you have long hair as a young kid? Not especially. 44. What message is on your voicemail machine? My sister imitating the library saying that something I requested's in. Twice, for some reason. 45. Where would you like to go right now? Nowhere. I like solitude. 46. What was the name of your first pet? Tunzo and Dunzo. Fish I won at a carnival when I was four. When I was 9 or 10, I changed their names to Carrot and Snowflake because I thought their names were dumb. Those two fish lived for forever. 47. What kind of back pack do you have, and what's in it? Green and black and silver; it's Adidas. Books and an issue of Videomaker for Bob. 48. Last incoming/outgoing call on your phone? My grandma saying that we left a bottle of ketchup at her house. 49. What is one thing you are grateful for today? The internet. 50. What do you think about most? My thoughts. Yesterday was fun. Abby and Jess got DDR for Christmas. I love that game. We played it for a good portion of the time we were there; everyone was amazed at how good I was. Hah. (I get mostly A's and B's on basic) Their two puppies are so cute! They peed on their nice white-ish living room carpet though. I ate this cheese that was set out on a platter with crackers and pepperoni. It was horseradish. I don't know how anyone could possibly like that. The taste wouldn't go away for a long time. XD I'ma updating my DA now.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas is today

I got a TMBG shirt. It's kinda scary. And from their 1990 tour. I like it though. But I don't think I'll be wearing it out in... public. I got a The Cheat shirt too; it's the same as my sweatshirt, only it's a t-shirt. And it's blue. And I got an iTunes gift card and some Lightscribe CDs and a cell phone car charger and tons of socks. I'm going over to my cousin's house in the afternoon. Jess got a video iPod! That she needs me to help her put songs/video on. When I'm done with it, it'll be all They-ified. And Abby/Jess got puppies! Two West Highland terriers. Ben and Jerry. Yay, dogs! Their dog Archie got hit by a car about a month ago, when he ws only a year or two old. It was sad. He was a Westie too. On Saturday We all went to my grandma's house for gifts/family stuff. We got there at about 3, but we didn't open anything till Sarah got off work, which was 9:30. We ate, played card games, made crossword puzzles, and did fun stuff. Like when we were watching some variety show-ish Christmas special and Cassie imitated the dances and we all tried to sing along to songs we'd never heard before. Pertunia lives still. She is come back to life in the form of a grape. Pertunia Jr. She died about 10 seconds after we named her though. She was eaten. Cassie was dropping grapes in her glass of pop; they'd sink down to the bottom and slowly float back up to the top, then go down again. Sunday Me and my family went to church. It was really cool, just singing and people coming up and reading sections of verses about Christmas. And three of the Arnold girls played a bunch of really awesome music on their violins/violas (maybe)/cellos. And their little brother Danny played his trumpet. They are a hughly musical family. No. Hugely. Gosh, I do that so much. We went to my school's church later for their Chrsitmas Eve service. Steph/Steve/Josh/Matt sang a song. It was cool.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm hyper... Too much candy... Bigger entry on the weekend on Monday.... WHICH IS CHRISTMAS!

Friday, December 22, 2006


That movie is neat. Jon Stewart + TMBG song fragment + guy with a Trogdor shirt + puzzle-y things = GOOD This one guy who was 20 and who the documentary people followed to the national competition thing had a Trogdor shirt on like the whole time. ...both years he was in the finals. I guess either he really doesn't have many shirts or it's his lucky one. The Areas of My Expertise is free on iTunes! w00t! It's only in 32-bit mono. But I don't care! Yay! I just bought all my Christmas presents yesterday. I am such a procrastinator. The Christmas ep of The Office was on last night, and I taped it. "Angela's party will have double-fudge brownies. But it will also have Angela. Double fudge...Angela. Double fudge....Angela

Monday, December 18, 2006

On the twelfth day of Christmas, valerie2776 sent to me...
Twelve bubs drumming
Eleven accordions piping
Ten cowlicks a-leaping
Nine things dancing
Eight messageboards a-milking
Seven books a-swimming
Six glowsticks a-drawing
Five chi-i-i-icken foldovers
Four weird things
Three long pants
Two pig products
...and a cinnamon in a cherry pie.
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I'm bored.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


20 Questions game thing: "I am guessing that it is Santa Claus?" Me: Wrong 20 Questions thing: "I am guessing that it is John Flansburgh?" Me: Right That game is hilarious. I was watching this thing about St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, and it says how you can get a kid's story in the mail every month if you donate to them, and one of the kid's names was Allyson Cameron. Like from House. Then I was watching a Safe Auto commercial, where some guy's got this huge speaker on his desk playing the theme song, and his nameplate on his desk says Michael Scott. Like from the Office. I was observant today. Yay! Homecoming games were tonight. Girls lost, guys won. AND SAM DUNKED AND I DIDN'T SEE IT. I was buying some of that tea stuff. Ah well, I can see it in High Definition Monday. Bob taped the game(s). And the Homecoming ceremony thingymabobber. Sam's king! And Stephanie's queen! Hehe. Jeremy was one of the senior representatives, and he had a white suit on with converses. And when he was at the end of the runway with Bethanne, while someone was still saying stuff about him, he pulled this gold watch on a chain out of his suit. Jeremy's awesome.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why doth no one comment?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My head.. it hurts. I got kneed in the forehead in gym class today; it's swelled up pretty big and is all nasty looking. Mrs. Warkentien was worried I have a concussion, so the office called my mom and I opted to leave at lunch. So I can finish reading my book report that's due tomorrow. XD We were playing this game in which there were two teams- one on each side of the gym, and beeanbags in the middle. Deanna gave everybody a number, and then she'd call out a number or two and whoever had the numbers would run to the middle and get as many of them as they could. So Katelynn and I ran and Emily and Crhissy did from the other side. I got there before Emily did and was picking the things up and her knee went into my head-- a little bit above my left eye. Um... I guess that's all. I'm watching videos of Mr. Miller doing the ever awesome Istanbul Intro. Bob's bringing his Wii to school tomorrow so we can play with it in video class because we'll be the only ones there- the choir/handbells people are going to sing/play somewhere. Bye. Ooh. House's on tonight.

Friday, December 8, 2006

I'm sick

I didn't go to school today. There should have been a snow day yesterday. On the way to school, we see people outside cars on the side of the road- one was down in a ditch. My mom, jokingly, wondered if it was anyone we knew; we could give them a ride. As we drive by, I say "Hey! It's Steve! And his brother! ... and Deanna!" Yeah. Then, near the driveway to pull into school, we see Josh and his mom standing outside their car which was also in a ditch. Nobody got hurt, so it was funny. I want to go outsiiide! Dumb cold. My cold, not the temperature.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The operating video thing's pretty much done. Bob's just gotta add in sound effects, do the end credits, and get a close up of the body. It is really wonderful. I'm leavin' to go to church soon. No youth group--there's a dress rehearsal of the Christmas Musicale. I just found out about two days ago that P. G. Wodehouse's name isn't pronounced WODE-house, how it looks. It's WOOD-house. The wrong pronunciation's so ingrained in my brain... I think I'm gonna accidentally say it wrong a bunch of times when I give my oral book report on him next week. It's weird. I'm gonna show a clip from Jeeves and Wooster with my report too--we have to have some kind of "prop." I tried to think of a scene that was more direct dialog from a story rather than something that was added for tv, cause, well, that just makes sense. I'm probably going to use the A, B, Caesar thing from Bridegroom Wanted. That's one of my favorite bits. Hah. Bits. I've been watching too much British tv. EDIT: I didn't go to church. *sigh* I wanted too. Ah well.
From my Myspace blog... Poor LiveJournal's not working. Um... I got the first season of A Bit of Fry and Laurie from the library. Finally! It is very much awesome. I love British comedy. "Overly elaborate puns that may take you days to work out with very little payoff." Algebra is not fun. Not at all. I don't even remember the name of what we're doing right now, but I do remember that I hate it. I'm gonna steal this entry for my lj when it starts working again. I think I'm going to be a wolf or something like that for animal day. Hehe..I can use Mrs. Clark's furry gloves and just wear black clothes. I have the Jeeves and Wooster theme song stuck in my head, which reminds me that I should probably read some more of my book report book. Either that, or to go watch more of A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Yeah. I think I'm going to do the second one.

Friday, December 1, 2006

I love Lipton Green Tea. With citrus. It may possibly be the best thing ever.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Haha. They look all smooshed. Um... got back from church a little bit ago. Pastor Dave is hilarious. He was talking about how a fool and a scoffer are different. "A fools goes 'Doot-doo-doo. I'm dumb,' but a scoffer says 'Doot-doo-doo. You're dumb,' as he repeatedly runs into a wall." I am going to go take a shower and go to bed now. Good bye.
I love video class. Practice take from the doctor skit thingie. Maybe I can upload the whole thing when it's done. Um.... Josh and I made a timeline for part of the Scarlet Letter. It's extremely amusing. It's very gory/graphic. I love it.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

This week was fun. I'm doing this like Lemita did. Wednesday I forget what I did but I'm sure I already said something about it before. Thursday I went to my Grandma (dad's side)'s house. Cassie and Danielle and Sarah and Derek and Matt and Sara's friend Ramsey were there. Made a bunch of really strange crossword puzzles on the computer. Ex: Clue: Cassie. Answer: Nusic. All pretty much old jokes. We ate good food. Then me and Sarah and my aunt Brenda and Grandma and Cassie played solitaire for a while. Then most of us went over to Matt's house and watched Uncle Danny and Ramsey and Matt play games on their new xbox 360. Friday Aunt Debbie and Uncle Scott's house for more food. Only Uncle Steve and Matthew came up from Columbus; Alex and Michael were sick, and Eric, who's a week older than me, was just a party pooper. We ate more good food. Then, we played Scene It- the tv edition. The majority of the questions were from 80's tv shows; I only knew about five of the answers the whole time. We started adding "The" and "Show" before/after every answer. So Friends = The Friends Show. It was funny. Matt and Uncle Steve left, then Jess, Abby, Kara, and I played PS2 for a long, long time. Crash Team Racing and Nitro Kart. Battle Mode is fun. My sister and I spent the night at their house- we watched Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties. Dumb movie. But it had Breckin Meyer in it, which is good. Then we played PS2 more. Then went to bed. Then got up and played PS2 again. Then ate breakfast. Played PS2. Ate leftovers for lunch; played video games again. Then went home and read some of book report book and fell asleep until 6. Good stuff.

Friday, November 24, 2006

I'm off for more turkey and things at my cousin's house. I shall report back later.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Goin' to my grandma's house (Dad's side) today. My cousins from Columbus are coming up, or are up already. Cassie and Danielle. Wonder how Pertunia the Egg is doing. I love the WFMU Tape. The Youth Culture and You'll Miss Me on there are excellent. "I HAVE TO TIE MY SHOE." That make me laugh so hard. I think at the bottom of every entry from now on I'll put what number entry it is. 101 EDIT: No, I won't. I just thought of how stupid and pointless that would be.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Hey now. I just realized I'm two entries behind . So this is my 100th entry. Isn't it wonderful? How to make it special... What's that? You want random pictures? Ok.

Hugh L on Thanksgiving: "Back in England, we don't give thanks. We mourn the loss of the colonies."

Man, that quote was hard to fit into the subject line. I went to the Thanksgiving dinner my church was having last night. I ate alot of good food. Jonathan and Ian and Spencer and I did math problems on the white board in the youth room. It's like completely full of numbers now. It was fun. But I didn't get any dessert because we were doing stuff with that until the service started, and there wasn't any time. I got a piece of apple pie though. It tasted kinda vinegar-y. I have nothing to do today. I think. Oh, I have to clean my room. School yesterday was fun. Parts of it were, anyway. In gym, Deanna brought everyone donuts. And then we played football again. Football's boring. In science, we'd brought in a bunch of stuff for a party without telling the teacher, and we were trying to figure out a way for her to think that we thought it was her birthday so she'd let us watch a movie and stuff. Emily volunteered to go into the bathroom and make herself cry so we cold get Mrs. Warkentien out of the room and set the things up. We talk to her, though, before she went to check on Emily in the bathroom, and she was like "Yeah, sure. I don't care." So someone went and got Emily from the bathroom. She'd actually made herself cry, and mascara was all dripping down her face. We watched the Beverly Hillbillies; apparently, Start Little 2 has too much "language" in it. Haha. Mr. Spickler, my government teacher, is funny: "While you study, I'll practice carrying heavy loads on my head for when the Muslims take over."

Monday, November 20, 2006

Only one more day of school until no school. I went to my grandma's house yesterday; it was game day. Lots of relatives there. Very fun. Played solitare, Uno, and Scrabble, of which I won none. Played football in gym today, pobably because of all the hype from the OSU/Michigan and Browns/Steelers games. Eh, who cares. I scored two touch downs, though. And had an interception. Made an interception? Whatever. Ugh, math test tomorrow. And Bible. That shouldn't be too hard though. I have two quizzes to take in math, and if my average for all the quizzes from this chapter stays above a 100%, I get out of the test. Which would be cool. Dumb graphs/slopes/x's/y's. Yay! We're having breakfast-type foods for dinner. I love breakfast-type foods.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I think I still smell like pumpkins.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Stephen Fry was supposed to be on Ferguson tonight, but it doesn't say so in the cbs website. I hope he is. Yay. I get to get up at about 8:30 tomorrow to go to Kristen's house and help make 80-something pumpkin rolls/pies. It's one of our class's fundraisers. There's church overnight thing tonight-- going to a Cavs game, then bowling, ice skating, free stuff giving, and assorted awesome stuff that doesn't end unitl about 7 tomorrow morning. Or so. But it cost 50 bucks to go this year, and my parents said I'd have to pay for half of it. I'm cheap. I so wish I could have gone though. It was just about the best night ever the other times I've gone. At least I'll get to hear all about it, I'm sure, tomorrow at Kristen's house. Hehe. They'll be so tired. I bought Darlin' Allison from itunes today too. And listened to the newest theynow. I'm gonna go back and download them all. Eventually.

"I'm always one step ahead.... like a carpenter....who builds stairs.

Myspace is dumb. The Office isn't. I love that show. I'ma buy an episode of it offa itunes; it's only two bucks! I'm thinking of getting the one where Michael hurts his foot and stuff. Never seen it, but it seems to be one of the funnier ones, or so I've read. If only I could talk to TJ and Josh to get their expert opinions. Yeah...installed new version of itunes. Now I have to restart the computer before I can do anything on there. I shall do that now. Goodbye.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Eh, I'm lazy. Not saying anything. At least not today.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

FUNNY DAY. Pretty much all of it was. Video class.... I cannot describe the utter hysterics we were all in. More about everything tomorrow. Molly, the Ok Go thing was prettty cool. They did Here We Go Again. I'm sure it'll be on youtube soon. If not, I taped it. But I don't have much of an idea how to transfer vhs to the computer. I've been meaning to learn how to do that. Bye.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Report Card Thyme

Ok. So Hugh/Ok Go is on Craig Ferguson tonight. And we got a new dvd player/vcr thing. So I need to practice recording things. Fun stuff. I am taking the game Operation to school tomorrow. XD Video class. Yep. 4.3 grading scale. Check out my flippin' sweet red colored pencil drawing. Ahm bored. The new podcast is sweet.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hugh's gonna be on Ferguson tomorrow. And so is Ok Go! How awesome it that??
I am back. Groundedness is stupid. LJ's back too. Yay. The entry I wrote out last week has disappeared. Dumb power outages.

Friday, November 3, 2006


made me. Write a journal entry with six random facts about yourself. Then, pick six of your friends list and tag them - no tag backs. These rules should be included in your entry. 1. I love the taste of cinnamon Altoids, but they hurt my tongue after I eat them. 2. I have to share a room with my 12-year-old sister. 3. I have really, really long hair. I say I'm gonna cut it and donate it, but I still haven't. 4. I can't whistle. 5. I've never seen the Sound of Music. 6. I've got over 60 pictures with John Linnell in them saved on my computer. How lame is the fact that I don't have six friends to tag that haven't already been? Uhm...

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Hehe. Homestar is Scott Howard. XD


Coincidences are weird. I was reading on teh wiki about She Was a Hotel Detective and thinking about how I wish I could listen to it. I opened Clock Radio, and the first song that played was that one. I gave out candy at my grandma's house last night. My sister and my cousin Jess went as a spy and an equestrian. Candy is good. I was so hyper when we got home. I chased my sister around the house whipping her with a towel for like 15 minutes, until my mom yelled at us because she ran into the wall. She has marks on her legs. Heehee. We got the HD camera today. Nobody got to look at it except for Bob. He says he's giving us a challenge with/about it tomorrow. Fun times. Mock election debate's tomorrow too. Dressdown day. Yay! We can wear jeans and red, white, and blue stuff. It's gonna be funny. Each party's made a commercial. And the republicans are gonna have an awesome entrance. With a smoke machine and strobe lights (supposedly). And they're running into the auditorium through a big piece of paper. Like people do at football games.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I did stuff today. Fun stuff, dumb stuff, funny stuff, boring stuff, retarded stuff, confusing stuff, weird stuff.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Senior High Retreat pictures. Yes, I'm that slow.

Right. Got these today from the video class laptop.I didn't take these. Dunno who did. So... I didn't have alot to choose from. Bob and Sam. Wait. This isn't from retreat. Oh well. Ugh. Neither is this. This is Mike. From a skit in chapel. l-r: Tony, Aaron, Deanna, TJ, Mike. Miss Reeves, Tyler (I think) as a chair, Preston and Sam as the table. At one point during the skit, TJ "fainted" and fell on the "table". Jeremy and Mike. In the mess hall. Steve. Jeremy, Mr. Spickler, Sam. People playing basketball. I wish I had a picture of how awesome the view was from there. Mike and TJ.... Fall Bash was fun. Played dodgeball, ate, watched Power Sabres movie, played couples kickball, then a bunch of games involving people sitting on chairs and/or people. Good times. SNL was awesome. "I am.. daffodils." And Hugh played a song!! All We Gotta Do Is *mumblejumble* I taped it, but the reception I get is extremely crappy. Oh well. I can find it on the internet somewhere else.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

home. star. run. run.

Ooooh. Everything Else, Volume 2 is out. I'm gonna buy it. Sweet.
Myspace is being stupid. Whee. Fall Bash is today. We're showing the Power "Sabres" thing there- It'll be the first time any of us in the class besides Bob will see it finished. Finally. My government class is having a mock-election, with posters and commercials and junk. Wynn Kner & Victor E. Forus = Republican candidates. Han Solo & Chewbacca = Democrats. I'm on the board of elections, along with Kristin and Brittni, which means we have to make sure everyone's registered to vote and set up stuff. There's gonna be some kind of debate; I don't even know when it is. But it's gonna be funny. Hugh's hosting SNL tonight. Yay.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


I just finished raking them. Ugh. Well, I only did for like 10 minutes. My legs are sore. Video class was extremely funny today. Jeremy and Sam resang the theme song to "go go power sabres" because the school's mascot-y things are sabres. It was so, so great. Bob was practically crying laughing. We taped it too. If I can get Bob to send it to me, I'll post it. That song is stuck in my head. Very stuck.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

TMBG videos I made a while ago. In reverse chronological order.


We had rhe Walk-a-thon today. Walked around the parking lot 53 times. Kristin wore a pedometer; it said 10.03 miles. It was alright. I walked at the very front of the line with Mr. Wright. We talked about Calvin and Hobbes, how to get infinite lives on Super Mario Brothers, and how to grow ships inside bottles. It was fun. Walked with Kristin and Chris and Heather too. Everyone was getting free hotdogs and chips and pop for lunch; our class ordered pizza. Pizza, even if you have to pay for it, trumps free hot dogs. We finished an hour early and went into the gym and played volleyball. My legs are gonna be sore-ish tomorrow. Not too bad, though.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Ugh. We're not going in the nice woods and walking for the Walk-a-thon. Apparently it's gonna be too cold and/or wet. So, tomorrow, the wholes school's walking around the parking lot. 52 times. Which equals 10 miles. It's dumb. It snowed a little today. Snow pellets. A NOTE ON SPORTS "Please note that there are only two references to sports in this book. They are on pages 71 and 95, and both are appropriately dismissive. If you wish for sports information, might I kindly refer you to every other aspect of our culture?" -John Hodgman, The Areas of My Expertise My sister's last volleyball game was today. It was supposed to start at five. The other team didn't get there until after 6:45. We were suprised they even showed up; it was the first time they'd ever actually come to our gym: they'd always cancel. They stunk. We won in two games. I have Oregon stuck in my head. Oregon is baaaad. Stop it if you caaaan. Run away. Run away.

Monday, October 23, 2006

vox pop

"So I said 'Why don't you shove it where the sun don't shine' and so he did. He put it in the cupboard under the stairs and it hasn't been mentioned since." - Stephen Fry Uh...heard there's a new SBemail. I shall go watch it presently. We did Taebo in gym class today. Also known as "excercise that makes everyone feel like a idiot." It didn't help that Mr. Spieth and Mr. Frymier were up on the deck fixing stuff. They watched us and kept laughing. It was fun. Ugh. I've got three tests to do tomorrow: two to make up from when I was sick, and another one. Fun. I have become obsessed with Hugh more so than I was before. (If that's possible) Yesterday, I watched Blackadder's Christmas Carol, the first episode of Blackadder the Third: Dish and Dishonesty, then the Christmas Carol again, then the end-ish part of 101 Dalmations where Horace and Jasper beat themselves up, then tiny bits of Stuart Little 2. Yeah.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


I saw a squirrel in the backyard. I went outside and started walking towards it. I threw a roll of tape at it and missed, but it didn't run. As I got closer, the squirrel climbed up the fence and sat on top of it. I got about five feet away from it before it ran up the side of the tree and down the telephone wire.

Hugh Laurie is <b>so awesome</b>!

Uploaded a bunch of icons on today. I'm too lazy to make a link. I'm bored. I shouldn't be bored. I should be reading MJF's Lucky Man. The book report's due Monday. Still haven't started reading it. Made a dvd of a ton of TMBG tv appearances and things. Mostly from It looks cool. I got Sensurround! The version from the Power Rangers soundtrack. Whoo! I've been trying to find that for forever. Yay for Bob.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Icons and junk

I made a few Hugh icons while I was sick. And two old stupid ones. Took the PSAT today. Had to make it up from when I was sick. It was a cool day: I only had to go to Bible, then lunch, then Algebra II, then study hall where I got to use the new laptop a little, and then typing. Heh. In Bible, Kristen kept singing the first line of the Auto Pilot commercial over and over. She had it stuck in her head. And then I did too. Automated. Automatic. Autopilot. And I changed my background. Ooh. Mr. Laurie's hosting SNL the 28th. Or so I've heard...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I was bored today. I watched Ok Go's treadmill routine for first time today. It is insanely awesome. And it looks so fun to do. Ok Go and Tally Hall are cool. The second's website is very interesting.
Stayed home again today. I love YouTube. I'm thinking of buying A Bit of Fry and Laurie now; I read that a box set of all four seasons comes out in the UK October 26th. Guess I'll wait until it's released here. Yay.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I stayed home from school today. Am sick. But, I got to browse YouTube for like two hours. There are a ton of awesome old clips of Hugh Laurie from ABoFaL on there.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Changed my mind. Greenscreen thing was too long. It snowed the other day. Some time last week. I like the snow very much. Sam doesn't apparently. Proof that it really did snow:
Back from my sister's volleyball game. It was dumb. Her team won, but it took three games. They shoulda won in two. They played bad. I thought, anyway. No real refs or stuff. Ick. PODCAST 8A! Finally. I love Flans's voice. But where's the Mohegan Sun? Editing was really fun today. Especially doing the voiceovers. Mostly grunting, "hiyata"s, and the like. We were in the science lab; Bob borught his computer and monitor in and Jeremy brought just his monitor so we could preview stuff on that screen. Sony Vegas is very cool. Pretty simple to use, too. I got to stay up there all day with Bob and Jeremy. And Sam too, for most of the time. Mrs. Clark made us hot chocolate with marshmallows. At the end of the day, when I went downstairs to give Jeremy his monitor back, he and Mrs. Clark were wheeling a cart with a ton of new stuff for Video Class on it. We got a laptop, two new computer/stuff cases, two tripods (YES! No more tape and pipe cleaners holding the camera in position!), and some blank tapes. We're getting a HD camera too, but it didn't come in today. Whee. We get to play with the laptop tomorrow. Yay! It's extremely shiny. I have one of the video cameras. I shall upload some random clip. First one's of Jeremy and Sam messing with the "green screen"... with the blanket, ok, it's just a blanket.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Yay for the new DD commercials. And more from Linnell! The people lip synching freaks me out though. I've done absolutely nothing today. I got up at 12, watched tv, played my sister's DS, finished reading a book, and now I'm on here. Hey, it's Saturday.
This happened yesterday whilst filming Power Rangers stuff. Sam's the one in black and TJ's in red. I love this. Poor them. EDIT. I lied. It was two days ago.
w00t. Editing day Monday. All day; just me, Bob, and Jeremy. Will be extremely fun. No work. Yay. I just finished reading Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception. Started it yesterday. I love those books. They're cool. I still have to start reading/finish reading/write a book report for Michael J. Fox's autobiography for school. I've read it before. Shh. Don't tell Miss Reeves. It's not like I'm not going to read the whole thing.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just got back from volleyball games. It was Senior Night. The junior high won in two games, jv lost, and varstiy won in four games. It was really fun. Bob taped the game for Ashleigh. Me and Kelly and him commentated.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A subject line!

The laptop's messed up. Well, my account on it is. Too long to explain it, but it stinks. All my files and junk are still there, though. My neck hurts. From gym class. We were playing Ultimate Frisbee when I felt something heavy and pointed strike me in the back of my neck. Actually, it was Kristen's elbow into the side of my neck. Around the top of my jaw/below my ear. It's like when you try to blow up a balloon, but you can't, and it hurts your neck. No Walk-a-thon this Friday. So it's two weeks from the 13th. And the next day is the Fall Bash. Mr. Wright said it should be the Fall Crash, and we'd all bring pillows and blankets and lay down and watch movies, since we all'll be so tired. DeviantArt depresses me. It's like having art class and sitting next to Steph, but a hundred times over. A ton of people draw good.

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Just got back from a junior/senior class party at Katelyn's house. Jeremy ate a burnt marshmallow covered in grass dirt for a buck. And me and Mike stood staring at eachother for, like 10 minutes while we were playing capture the flag. He was on the other team; we were standing right on the boundary line. He'd step forward past it, I'd run towards him and he'd run back. We gave up after a while and sat by the bonfire.

Friday, October 6, 2006

I feel so happy. During lunch while we were selling, Heather hit Mike with a waterbottle and tried to pretend like it was me who'd done it. Mike says: "Valerie wouldn't do that; she's awesome." And I was all like "Ooh. I'm awesome." And Brittany says "Valerie is awesome. That totally made my day. YAY TMBG CLOCK RADIO!! I can use it now!! Got back from volleyball games a little while ago. Junior Hugh and Varsity. Both won. And since Deanna wasn't there, I kept scorebook for Varsity as well as JH. It was good. Wait. Haha. Junior Hugh? Man. I'm going through Hugh Laurie withdrawal or something.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Another clip of Power Rangers. It was really wet and half-raining that day. It was gross. Dumb place doesn't have codes for embedding videos. Oh well.
I got Weird Al's Bad Hair Day at the library. I love Amish Paradise, Everything You Know Is Worng, Gump, and I Remember Larry. I didn't think that Everything You KNow Is Wrong was too TMBG-seque, but it's still cool. I've got part of the Power Rangers edited! It's awesome.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

I made a DeviantArt account.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Whoo. The internet works. Fastly. And guess what? After my sister's volleyball game the other day, my dad said there was something for me at home. I immediately assumed it was one of those kind of things where they think you're gonna be so so happy to get it, but it turns out to be your issue of Reader's Digest or something. So I was like "Yeah. Great." Not thinking that much of it. I get home, and my mom hands me Hello Radio. SHe said one of her daycare kid's dad said that he got it and knew he wouldn't listen to it much and knew I liked them, so he gave it to me. He's the one whose kid went the TMBG Kidsfest show that I turned down. *stupid* *stupid* So yeah. A list of them in a kind of order: Ana Ng Narrow Your Eyes Pet Name It's Not My Birthday Road Movie to Berlin Dead Another First Kiss Letterbox *after this they all start sucking* She's an Angel Don't Let's Start The End of the Tour Boat of Car They'll Need a Crane Doctor Worm I can't listen through Doctor Worm and They'll Need a Crane all the way. They're so bad. Ew.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Noooooo! No more House until October 31st. Freaking World Series. I lied. The picture of Linnell isn't from the beginning of the song. It's in the middle. During Gary C's big maracca solo thing. I asked Mr. Townsend for the grade sheet back today. More than once. He didn't have it. So no pictures. I like typing like this. But I'm not going to any more. We figured what was wrong with my typing thing today. It was me. Rather, my lack of reading skills. After saying to "key" lines something to something, it said to do other ones too. I don't get why they just couldn't say to do all of them at the same time. I'm dumb. Everybody lost the volleyball games. Every single one. But it was still fun. Hanged out with Sam, Bob, Marie, Miss Reeves, Kristin, Sara, Mandy. Mostly Bob and Sam though. Sam taped the Varsity game. I got STD from the library. The CD. Hah. I'd requested it. I got it, and I was happy because it looked all new and whatnot. And it was. Re-released on Zoe Records. It's very cool. And the liner notes smell nice. I foud it interesting that on the back, it says "Free mp3s and podcasts now and forever at" I wish I had the old release of it to compare it to. Man. I get excited about things way too easily. Power Rangers stuff was filmed during 7th period, not after school. Well, not filmed. More like rehearsed. It took too long for us to get all our stuff on and to try to get the camera to work that we didn't have time. But, it was extremely funny to see 6'5" Sam in black leather pants, a black mock turtle neck shirt, long, elbow length white gloves, and a Power Rangers lying completely stretched out on a cart like this only made out of all metal, with Jeremy dressed in green standing on the back, like it was a shopping cart, rolling across the school parking lot and pretending to bowl over Tony and Chris, who were playing henchmen. Me and Ashleigh couldn't stop laughing. If I can geta video of it, I'll totally put it up here. It was the funniest thing I've seen in a long, long time. I gotta go take a shower and go to bed. Bye.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I got pictures. Linnell and Flans. But one of Linnell is in math class. It's of him playing his accordion. From Gigantic. In the special features. Under raw footage. In the WLIR Cowtown performance. At the beginning when he's looking at the keys. COncentrating on the intro. I drew it on the bottom of a grade sheet I turned it. I'll wait for it to be returned to me before I post them. They're all in green pen. But it's kind of like a marker. Goodbye.
Typing class was driving me crazy today. I had to type about 6 sentences out of the book, without looking at the screen, and it kept saying that I had too many errors. I must have typed the dang thing 6 or 7 times, and the last time, I only made three mistakes. School was over before I ever got it, so tomorrow, I get to come back and try again. Yay. Not. Fastest I've typed so far, with the home row and a few other keys is 69wpm. I think. Volleyball games tomorrow. Yes. 4:30, 5:30, 6:30. JH, JV, Varsity. At home. It'll be fun. Filming shall take place Of the Power Rangers type At the end of school A haiku was that Though not very good at all I want some bacon

Saturday, September 23, 2006

w00t and all its smelly brethren!!! My mom told me that we're getting broaband! Finally! Yay yay yay yay yay! On Thurday. *dances* It's Windstream. 1.5mbps. My sister lost the vollyball game again. In two games. The ref gave everyone candy bracelets. It was weird.

Friday, September 22, 2006 Not sure what it is, but it's funny. Bwahhaha! john linnell is johnny hart john linnell is keen john linnell is now an honoraray lol member john linnell is one half of the duo known as they might be giants john linnell is a delight as are his state songs and i'm sure i'm not the first to do the sums john linnell is one half of they might be giants john linnell is obviously the main creative squeeze of they might be giants john linnell is the accordianist/keyboardist and co john linnell is a tall skinny nerd musician john linnell is finally releasing a state songs album john linnell is gloriously intact john linnell is half of the quirky rock band they might be giants and state songs is his first john linnell is best known as the accordion playing half of the avant john linnell is sitting in a hotel in kc missouri john linnell is celebrating 20 john linnell is one john linnell is the real genius behind they might be giants john linnell is here with us tonight john linnell is the man john linnell is john linnell is rubbing my tummy WhAt? john linnell is special to me for a beautiful reason john linnell is the skinny john and plays the keyboard and accordian john linnell is a man who does not mince words john linnell is beautiful john linnell is the one that looks like john cale john linnell is not john linnell is the peanut butter?complex john linnell is also claimed to be one of his teachers john linnell is fifty percent of the mastermind super john linnell is a hottie john linnell is on accordian john linnell is a john linnell is pretty dang cute john linnell is 42 years old today john linnell is people's 11th most beautiful person" john linnell is really neat john linnell is a member of they might be giants hugh laurie is soooo handsome and funny hugh laurie is exhaustively hugh laurie is known for many things hugh laurie is the best friend and the best colleague for stephen fry hugh laurie is no stranger to the world of spy stories hugh laurie is mr little and jonathan lipnicki is george hugh laurie is a hugh laurie is simply fantastic as the ever hugh laurie is miscast hugh laurie is a favourite to play the lead role of arthur dent hugh laurie is such a demmed amusing fellow hugh laurie is lovable and believable as the hapless but well hugh laurie is the best thing in it hugh laurie is a talented novelist and can do much more than just be funny hugh laurie is an excellent choice as narrator" the independent hugh laurie is a wonderful villain hugh laurie is shamelessly wasted as an officious bobbie who quite undeservedly saves the day hugh laurie is the bland father little; jonathan lipnicki is the winsome hugh laurie is a delight as the harassed and often uncomprehending husband called into action when the "eggs are cooked" hugh laurie is not hugh grant hugh laurie is convincing as the sweet and bumbling sam and looks quite athletic in the love scenes hugh laurie is charlie hugh laurie is around hugh laurie is good fun to listen to hugh laurie is so perturbed he buys goodman some face cream hugh laurie is and can't be bothered to find out hugh laurie is an unlikely author of action hugh laurie is would hugh laurie is cute with glasses hugh laurie is charmant en tom hollander zet een buitengewoon hilarische rol neer als berhippe regisseur hugh laurie is "adams' first choice" according to director hugh laurie is the head of a mental health farm who is hypnotising his guests into doing crimes on his behalf hugh laurie is brilliant hugh laurie is trouwens perfect in zijn rol als zeer domme en na├»eve prins george hugh laurie is better suited for roles like mr hugh laurie is hilarious as bertie wooster hugh laurie is used to variety hugh laurie is genuinely charming in this film hugh laurie is fantastic as the cynical mr hugh laurie is prince george and pigmont hugh laurie is 43 hugh laurie is hugh laurie is also making a film at the moment hugh laurie is definitely dishy hugh laurie is likely to be the lead hugh laurie is delightful as one of her bumbling lackeys hugh laurie is quite good too hugh laurie is back hugh laurie is used hugh laurie is a graduate of the cambridge footlights hugh laurie is probably known to you as a character actor hugh laurie is bloody hugh laurie is one of my favorites 04/14/01 hugh laurie is one of my favorites hugh laurie is jeeves to stephen fry´s wooster hugh laurie is one of my favorites hugh laurie is extremely annoying as the whiny hugh laurie is actually hugh laurie is a splendid foil for her concerns about their new mouse hugh laurie is very handsome hugh laurie is due in the fall hugh laurie is more famous for being a comic hugh laurie is in "sense and sensibility"? 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I have thought of what to type today for a while. I can't htink of anything. Other than that at 2:30, I left school with the JH volleyabll team, kept scorebook for their game which started at 4:30 (we lost), and stayed to watch TEH VARSITY. They won! In five games. They lost the first, won the second, lost the third, won the fourth, won the fith. They did awesome! Then we drove home, but stopped at Burger King to eat. There were a ton of us in there. And alot of throwing bits of things. On the way home, me, Carissa, Autumn, Dana, and Mandy prank called people. It was so funny. And now I'm home. My sister has a game at 9 tomorrow morning; I'll have to get up early. I'm staying up late anyway.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Here's a video I made. Kinda. I just had to give the program the pictures or video, and it stuck them together. ...called a muvee. Is strange. Ew. It made it all big and pixel-y. Dumb photobucket.
Here we go. My essay. It's...ok. Freedom’s Challenge The popular stories by P.G. Wodehouse tell of a young, rich man, Bertie Wooster. Bertie did nothing for himself; he relied on his personal valet, his gentleman’s gentleman, Jeeves. Jeeves did everything for Bertie from laying out his clothes to getting his bath ready. Bertie never worked. He didn’t need to. His family was rich, and he had never known anything besides wealth. By himself, Bertie was essentially helpless. Without Jeeves, he couldn’t even make himself a pot of tea. Sometimes, Bertie wore something that Jeeves thought wasn’t in good taste. Jeeves gently suggested an alternative article of clothing, and Bertie would usually resist. After a while, Wooster realized that Jeeves was right, and was always right, and gave in. Like Bertie, an everyday citizen of America could not fend for themselves if left unprotected. We need a bigger entity to govern and make decisions for us. You would think that, like Bertie, we would be tremendously grateful for the help provided. Instead, we are often overly critical and complain about our government’s decisions. I believe freedom’s challenge is to be aware of what’s going on around the world, to know our country’s history, and to appreciate the sacrifices needed and given to attain our freedom. It is hard to appreciate our freedom because we can’t, truly, until it is taken away from us. That’s why, on occasions like 9/11, we become more patriotic and are much more thankful for our freedom. We appreciate it when we realize that there was a chance of it being taken away. These days, we pay much, much more attention to the entertainment world than the political, but are so quick to judge the government’s choices. If we invested more time in watching Washington DC than Hollywood, I believe we would be slower to criticize. Taking interest in our government and its actions is one way we can fulfill freedom’s challenge. Also, because of our right of free speech, if we have an opinion about something that we want to be made known, we can share it with others. We have the ability to spread our feelings worldwide via the internet. Freedom’s challenge is to spread the pride of our country to others. We must also build a future for ourselves, learning as much as we can in school, working our hardest, and doing our best in life. Our country was founded on that fact that we are all created equal. We have the same opportunities, but it is what we do with them that is up to us. We must realize that our choices have long term effects and choose and plan out our actions carefully, taking into account their consequences. Our lives and lifestyles are up to us. We can become whatever we want in life. Freedom’s challenge is to use the opportunities secured by it to make the best out of ourselves that we can. ----- I've been sick the last couple days. Two days ago I left school early. And I screwed around on the computer a ton. And made a VCD of all the TMBG video's I've made/accumulated. It's cool! S' got menus and background songs. What else? Oh. We had breakfast today first period. Donuts and cereal and stuff. Fun. I think we're having waffles tomorrow. And later, cake. It's TJ's birthday. Yay. He's 17. The new typing program came in, and we used it today. It's WAY better than dumb ol' Mavis Beacon. Some things some people said recently that struck me as funny, or at least mildly humorous: Miss Reeves: What do adjectives modify? Heather: Nouns and verbs. Josh: Personplacethingidea...oh wait! Mr. Wright: Until some archeologist does some ...archeologizing. Emily: I think I have restless leg syndrome... in my hands. Mrs. Clark: Is anyone else going on the Keystone Bus? *points to kid* Are you Keystone Bus? Me: No, he's a kid. It's email time again! Doot-do-do-do doooo.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

I am being forced to go work a my school's booth at the Apple Festival today from 4-6. It'll be ok, I guess. I'm trying to get my mom to go to the senior class's car wash today. Bob's got a dvd of all the Power Ranger stuff he's edited so far. I wanna see it! I have homework. Ugh. Algebra II. Factoring trinomials. It isn't hard, but it takes a freaking long time. I think I've already gone through three pages, front and back, and I'm only halfway done. Saturday morning cartoons are all dumb now. They used to be so much better. Oh. I have to write a rough draft of the Voice of Democracy essay thing by Monday. The topic this year is "Freedom's Challenge." Everyone in hichschool has to write one. I think I'm gonna liken Bertie Wooster's helplessness to the American public. Sort of. I hope it makes sense.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Filmed PR stuff. It was fun. I think it's gonna come out awesome. My sister lost her volleyball game again. I got the signed Lincoln today. Bye.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff. What stuff? I don't know. I had three test today, in consecutive classes. Chemistry, Government, Bible. I know I did well in science; Mrs. Warkentien showed me after school. 103%. Good. Govt. and Bible were really easy too. Good. I unknowingly taped the new Linnell commercial while waiting for House to come on. Did I say that yesterday? I forget. And I have a Polaroid commercial starring Mr. Hugh from the early 80's on there too. Life's good. And now it's storming very much, very hard. I wonder if we'll still go to church. We're taping Power Ranger stuff tomorrow. Fun times.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I was just watching Ellen because Hugh Laurie was on. (yay!) And after his interview, Ellen did this thing about how the people in NYC are supposedly the most polite people in the world. She had a big couch in the middle of the sidewalk and was trying to get someone to help her drag it down the street. All of a sudden, I hear New York City playing in the background. It was just the chorus part, which makes sense, and it played through twice, I think. Very cool.

Monday, September 11, 2006

School, school, school. It's fine. New SBemail. Very nice. Lots of butt-patts. XD My sister had another volleyball game today. They won the first, lost the second, and won the third. The score was really close every time. And they subbed WAY too much. 33 times. It's hard to write those down fast enough. Especially when three go in at the same time. It was fine, though. Very long. We're starting video class Power Rangers again. Fun. Still no retreat info. I don't feel like typing it out now. That's all? Yes.

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Yay. AIM worked. IM me. valb3322.
I tried in vain (of course) to upload a clip of Survivor: Wannagechuback Island. We made it last year in art class, and it's like 2 and a half hours long. It was gonna be of the Snowman making competition, but my computer and photobucket are stupid. And now I'm trying to install AOL IM. Last time I tried, it didn't work. I don't know why. No more stuff about the retreat yet; it's still all mixed up in my brain. I hope AIM works...

Friday, September 8, 2006

Back from retreat. It was awesome. Lots of fun stuff. If I can find any pictures, I'll put them on here. I need to look on my friends' sites and things to steal theirs, for I don't have a digital camera. My class came in last in the obstacle course and third in the volleyball tounament. For some reason, I still have the map from the thing. So here: More details tomorrow when they're not all jumbled up in my head.

Monday, September 4, 2006

I've also been working on learning the Where Your Eyes Don't Go solo on the guitar. I only have about a fourth of it memorized so far. I can't move my fingers fast enough. I kinda wish I could take guitar lessons, but I don't want to at the same time. My fingertips hurt. Fingertips. Fingertips. Fingertips. I hear the wind blow... I hear the wind blow... It seems to say, "Hello, hello. I'm the one who loves you so." Hey now, everybody......
No new Labor Daybor toon yet. :( I watched a ton of Sbemails yesterday. And DVD bonus stuff. I love the hidden audio track for the Rock Opera karaoke video. "It's hard.. to do all these." I wish TMBG'd put out the next podcast already! Uh... I have absolutely nothing to say.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

I saw something cool today. In a strange place. Homestar bumper stickers at a funeral home. I was there today for my great-aunt's funeral. As my dad came to pick us up, he said he'd seen a Trogdor sticker on one of the cars in the parking lot. We rove past, and yep, there was the Trogdor one and the "Everybody to the Limit!" one on there. I wanted him to stop and wait so I could see whose car it was, but, obviously, he didn't. HS Retreat! Yay! Hugh Laurie wasn't on Leno the other night, but, he is gonna be on Ellen Sept 12th. New season of House starts Tuesday. Yay! EDIT: Just saw that I'd said 'new season of hose'. Jeez. XD

Friday, September 1, 2006

Mr. Spickler, my history teacher asks: "What type of government was England under in the 1600's?" Heather: "Communism." Me (sighing on the inside): "Monarchy."
Wheat Thins are good. Yay!! Three day weekend. It's a Labor-dabor. Maybe I shall stick a burger on top of a stick to celebrate. And say stuff to people as they walk by. Then school Monday and Tuesday, then the HIGH SCHOOL RETREAT aka AWESOMENESS!! Whoo! Best. Place. Ever. 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th all go at the beginning of school Thursday and come back at the end of school Friday. I can't even begin to express how amazing and fun and great this is. We can go horseback riding, on a zipline over the lake, paddle boats, mini-golf, basketball, ping pong, fooseball, air hockey, carpetball... It is so, so great. Get to hang out with my friends and get to know other people way better. We always have class competitions, and the seniors always win. It's tradition. There's an obstacle course we do together, and on Thursday night, the Senior Search. Everyone waits in the dining hall while all the seniors hide pretty much anywhere on the camp grounds. We have to find them, and get points for our class when we find them. *squee* I'm just so, so ,so, SO excited. Utter awesomeness. So many memories from the past two years, too. Like when Marie fell off a paddleboat into the lake. And me whooping on Josh Clark in air hockey. The class vs. class volleyball tournament and how bad Josh is at volleyball. Marie falling down into a ditch only to land on two seniors who were hiding there. Emily's horse pooping and not following the others. Kristin being so scared that someone was going to pull a prank on her at night. The grody orange juice/half cooked egg yolk-looking nacho cheese. Us making a huge mess at dinner, breakfast, lunch. The slop buckets. Heather biffing Kristin in the face with the tetherball. Watching Mr. Thomas fly out over the lake on the zipline Superman-style. Anna putting fingernail polish on Aaron while he was sleeping. Having such sore legs from walking up and down and up and down the massive hill. Watching Heavyweights on the way to the camp. Butt-n-heinie's fart in a bottle. People not having shampoo in the showers. Splashing eachother in the paddleboats. The campfire. Josh Cook flinging cheese and sour cream all over Mr. Townsend's body during an object lesson. *sigh* Great, great times. Can't wait.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yay. I won an autographed copy of Lincoln off of ebay! Goin' to my school's sports cook out in about a half hour. In video class today, we watched the beginning of Survivor: Wannagechuback Island. The one we filmed in art class last year. edited it over the summer. It is very, very awesome. And Istanbul's the song on my segment at the beginning. Yay. I brought my mp3 player in to school to give to Mr. Wright to copy the Bible files onto. I only had enough room to get up to II Samuel. 300-something MB. Did I mention Mr. Wright has heard of TMBG? Once, I drew something in the corner of one of the pages of my test- it was a bird in a birdhouse and the lyrics I'm your only friend; I'm not your only friend, but I'm a little glowing friend, but really I'm not actually your friend, but I am... And he wrote "Put a little birdhouse in your soul" next to it. Close enough. XD Um... in Algebra II, we got these graphing calculators that do all kinds of weird stuff; they're different to use, but, Mr. Townsend said, in time, easier.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wow. Mr. Wright is the most awesome guy ever! He had this quiz for us today that he made with Power Point. It was about himself, like how old he was and stuff like that. It was 15 questions; I got 7 right. The most anyone's ever gotten right is 10. Then he showed us the website he made for us to get a ton of our homework and assignments off of. Is pretty neat. I'm in the Old Testament Survey class. We gotta read the whole Old Testament this year. Last year, we read the New Testament. We can listen to it on tape, too, and he's got it in mp3 on his computer; he says we can bring in a blank cd or mp3 player and he'll copy it for us. I think I shall do that. There's this pizza place at the top of my street; it's gotta be low-end: on the side of the building, in big red and green spraypainted leters, it says QUICK~N~TASTEY. How pathetic. XD I'm off to dinner now.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Yesterday, I found $20 under a pile of cds and dvds and papers. I was extremely happy, then immdeiately angry/sad because I definitely could have won that ebay auction. One week 'til the season premiere of House! Yay. And Thursday's Leno. Shall add it to my VHS of five other Hugh tv appearances. XD I wish TMBG would be on tv. Like those commercials for JC Pennies that OK Go are in. Only Linnell dancing around a la They'll Need a Crane. They would No new Homestar this week, so far. The 10 years one was really good, though. The grape fairy's voice! Tee-hee.
Back from school. It's so crazy: it seems like the summer was just one long weekend and this just a normal day, except that we were being told the same things in every class. No awkward moments; it was like we'd all seen each other the previous day. Very awesome. We have two new people- both girls. 11 people total. Video class is gonna be great-- we're gonna get an editing program that can do green-screen. And another hard drive and video camera. Hopefully. On class procedures: "You can't say, 'Hey, I'm gonna go to the library.' Well... you can say it, but I'm not gonna let you go." - Mr. Wright. He's so awesome. I gotta stay at school every day except Wednesdays because of my sister's volleyball practice. *sigh*

Monday, August 28, 2006

Got all my stuff back from the fair yesterday. It was kinda raining the whole time, too, but more like a mist. I took the chance to be electrocuted and listened to music. I was bidding for a lot of 11 TMBG cds on ebay. It went for 41 bucks; I'd bid up to 30. I so woulda won if I'd checked back in time before it ended. The S-E-X-X-Y EP was in there too: Sensurround. I've wanted to hear that song so, so bad for a long time. Oh well. I watched some of the Emmys at my cousin's house. They have a nice widescreen-type tv with DVR or something that enables them to rewind and such. Jess recorded it for me, so I could rewatch Hugh Laurie present an award. He spoke in French! Or some other similar sounding language. The Emmy people are idiots, though. No one deserving won. Other than The Daily Show and Steve Carell. No Bryan Cranston, no Jane Kazmerek - that was her 7th consecutive nomination without a win and last chance with Malcolm. Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Musical Program: Barry Manilow Not Craig Feguson, Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, or Hugh Jackman. Colbert and Ferguson both mentioned it as they presented awards. Done with that mini rant. School starts tomorrow. :( I shan't be on here as much.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Oh. I also read Men and Cartoons by Jonathan Lethem yesterday. if I find a good book, man, I don't do anything else until I finish it. My favorite stories are "The Vision" and "Acces Fantasy." And upon seeing that MyHeritage thing, I did one for Flans. Nicky Hilton??
Went to the fair. My parents went to that tractor pull thing which was horrendously loud anywhere in the whole fair. Poor them. It was like 3 or 4 hours long, too. So I walked around with my aunt and uncle and their two friends Tammy and Ron. Looking at my shirt, he said that he liked Them too. Yay yay yay yay yay!I've actually met another person who likes TMBG! Without me being the one who introduced Them to them! He also said that he'd seen them once a long, long time ago. I asked him if they'd gotten their backing band yet, and he said that it was right after that, but before Their fourth album came out and that it was at the Agora. He said it was a great show but, like always, stupid me didn't ask about the show or say much else about Them. But when we went into the art barns, I did show him the drawing, and he said it was awesome. Yay. Show was in June of 1993, I've just figured out. Man. I wanted to see what the setlist was. I thought that the pen I've drawn most of the pictures I've posted was lucky because it was the one I used to draw the one of Hugh. Alas, it is not. Proof: So I guess it's back to putting dog food in my shoes, huh? Or drawing Homestar wearing dog food-filled shoes. Uhm... I spent the night over at my cousin Abby's house. Jess and their mom stayed in their camper at the fairground. No more latenight tv for me. *sob* Bedtimes of 10 suck. At least I can still watch 'em on Fridays. Which reminds me, Hugh Laurie's gonna be on Leno Thursday. Squee! Yay. My sister's spending the might at her firend's house again! Quiet is so nice. XD

Friday, August 25, 2006

I forgot something last night. There was a guy with an accordion at the fair on the stage in front of the grandstand. He was tuning it during the half hour before parade started. I was so excited. But, he didn't play, after he tuned it, he put it back in its case and disappeared. I was sad. I couldn't become tired last night. At 1:30, I started drawing stuff. Then I drew Hugh Laurie in pen, which I hardly ever draw with. Took me about a half hour. AND IT ACTUALY LOOKS LIKE HIM! His body's all disproportioned though. I still like it. Shading with pen is really different from pencil. Harder for me, but it looks ok. The comments about golf are because they were interfering with Mr. Ferguson's show.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

First person who knows what my page title and sub title thing are from wins. Went to the fair. Had fair food. Dinner. Was two ice cream cones and a bottle of Vault. I'm not tired. *hops around like caffienated Gron Sad* I'm not tired. *twitch* I'm not tired. At least I'll be able to stay up for Craig's monologue. If I get offa here in time. Found a good quote in the TV Guide, I think. At the library. From Conan O'Brien. "This is frontier justice- I'm just handing out Emmys to people who deserve them. Hugh Laurie, I've told him to meet me in the parking lot behind the Shrine Auditorium, and I'm giving him- it'll say Technical Emmy for Lighting, but he can get another nameplate." Hugh deserves an Emmy, dangit. And he doubly deserves to be nominated. Yay Conan. Yay Conan's hair. I saw my friend/next door neighbor at the fair. We were in the grandstand waiting to watch the 4H parade and their floats and stuff. Joseph. His name. That's it. he talked to my family and me and then went to sit with his friend. Later, as the troops or groups or whatever they are, the 4H people were walking past- the ones that didn't make floats. And there's Joseph and his two friends walking in one of them. He has never been in 4H a day in his life. It was extrememly funny. He kept waving at us. XD More doodles. Because I can. I only realized today that I'd been drawing Homsar's feet wrong; they point in towards each other. Hence the difference between them in the two pictures. I like the little picture in the corner. *twitch*
It's my dad's birthday today. He took off work. Later, we;re going to the fair. We're going tomorrow too. Somebody gave my dad two ticket to the tractor pull. So he and my mom are going. They don't really like that kind of stuff, either. My sister's gonna be there with a junior high thing with our church, passing out tracts and the like. So, I get to roam around with my cousins Jess and Abby. And their parents. More pictures. All by me. The reason that there are so many Flansburghs is simply because I can't draw Linnell. He's harder. Not that I can draw Flans all that well... This thing freaked me out as I drew it. It was gonna be Marzipan at first, then a broom, then a reindeer. I dunno what it is.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Quick entry before I leave for church. I walked to the library today. It's about two miles each way. Brought the lappy (my mom actually let me!) because they've got free wireless internet there. Unfortunately, it took me a good half hour to figure out how to set it up so I could use it. Then I got to be on an hour before the battery died. I was thinking about asking a librarian if it was all right to use their electricity, but I thought that sounded kinda strange/mean/weird. And wasn't working either, so I didn't get to download the JBTV Apollo 18 thing I'd wanted to. I copied some magazine articles of Hugh Laurie. And requested John Hodgman's book. I was so thirsty as I was walking home, and I'd brought 75 cents to use with the copy machine; I had 55 left. Sadly, the ice cream shop thing I stopped at's lowest priced thing was a baby cone, and it was 60 cents. I coulda gotten extra cheese or bacon though. XD I also took a picture of that Linnell grave. I'll maybe post it later. For now, though, this: I think I'm gonna do a badly drawn picture a day.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


"Don't! Grandma's getting crazy because she can't find rubber bands!" - my cousin Matt after I shot a rubber band at him while we were playing Uno. Ooh. Yesterday was fun. My cousins were up from Colombus again, and we went to the fair. W00t!!11! The Johns pic won first place for pencil/ink age 14-18. That's three bucks for me! 1st= $3, 2nd= $2, 3rd= $1. Hardly any people entered things. Too bad for them. The TMBG maze I made won first for computer graphic art. And a collage I made of icons, really similar to my background got 2nd. I got 21 bucks all together. Now, what TMBG-related thing should I buy? On the way home, my cousin Cassie gave me and my sister an update on Pertunia, her egg shell. And a brief history of their friendship. She found Pertunia in th refrigerator, she said. She cut a hole in Pertunia's head and blew her brains out with a straw, which she subsequentially made scrambled eggs out of. She painted her, and the next night they had a sleepover. Cassie did her make-up, and Pertunia did hers by having a brushed taped to her body. Cassie bought her a robe and dressed her in Barbie clothes. They were best friends. One day, though, Pertunia fell out of a purse and broke her head open. She is in a doll hospital in Cassie's bedroom awaiting surgery with super emergency glue right now. I hope she pulls through. *snif* Last night, me and my sister had a Homestar and TMBG drawing spree. Some of hers of TMBG to follow. It was kinda late, and we were tired, or at least giddy. I was laughing so hard as she drew these. It brought tears to my eyes. I can't explain these. This one was drawn first. I have some other pictures of hers and mine. Maybe I'll upload some tomorrow.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Metal Detector

Stoled from . And changed some. Mp3 shuffle thing. 1. How am I feeling today?: Ant 2. Will I get far in life? Snail Shell 3. How do my friends see me?: Four of Two 4. Where will I get Married?: Ana Ng 5. What is my best friend's theme song?: For Science 6. What is the story of my life?: Alphabet of Nations 7. What was highschool like?: Here Come the ABCs 8. How can I get ahead in life? Canada Haunts Me 9. What is the best thing about me?: Iowa 10. How is today going to go?: Out of Jail 11. What is in store for me this weekend? She's Actual Size 12. What song describes my parents?: Stomp Box 13. To describe my grandparents? I Am a Grocery Bag 14. How is my life going?: Mink Car 15. What song will they play at my funeral?: Your Racist Friend 16. How does the world see me?: Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love 17. Will I have a Happy Life? Lucky Ball and Chain 18. What do my friends really think of me?: Hypnotist of Ladies No no no no no! 19. Do people really like me? Lady Is a Tramp 20. How can I make myself happy?: New Haven 21. What should I do with my life?: Podcast Remix Ok.... 22. Will I ever have children? The Summer Breeze 23. What is some good advice for me? Where Your Eyes Don't Go - Why Does the Sun Shine? 24. What's that smell? Meet James Ensor Haha. 25. What is my signature dancing song?: On the Drag 26. What do I think my current theme song is?: Montana 27. What does everyone else think my current theme song is? Glasgow 28. What type of men/women do you like?: Fake-Believe Heh. 29. Now click next and that will be the subject of this bulletin. Metal Detector 30. Your overall theme song? Albany That made zero sense.
Finished my picture and posted it to . Linnell's mouth is screwed up; I was too lazy/tired to fix it; I tried four or five times, but it was 11 at night and I was done. I also had a TMBG dream, which I posted in . Yesterday after church, my family went over to my cousin's house, and then to the fair to take in my drawings and my cousin Jessica's rabbit and their other art-related entries. Jess's showing her dog in 4H today. Her family's got a camper on the fairgrounds that they're semi-staying in, which is really cool. I wanted to go watch today, but I can't. Oh well.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

My pic. Ture.

Teh Johnz as of right now: (I've been working on it for about an hour or so) The dark parts of Linnell's shirt don't really look all weird like this. I'ma go try to finish this thing before...midnight, or something.
Took this thing from . Leave a comment about some thing about my life you wanna know about. Like the computer I use or what the inside of my refrigerator looks like. I'll take a picture of whatever you ask and put it here in my LJ as a new entry. Ask about anything; I'll probably most definitely take picture/s of whatever aspect of my life it is you're curious about. Go ahead.
Yay. I made me a new background for TEH lj. Venue Songs is still awesome. I really need to get to work on the Johns drawing. Have to finish it today. And put all the other things I'm entering in the fair in frames or on cardboard backings by the end of today too. is cool. So, so funny. I had an eclair for breakfast.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Yesterday was a wonderful day. And very TMBG-full. Venue Songs and my shirt came in the mail. Finally. I'd mailed my order form in with that maze I made printed on the other side of it, for some reason. Someone started to write something on the packing slip thing that came with it. "Hey lady L" like they were gonna write something else. Strange. Venue Songs is great. I'd only heard the ones that were on the podcast and two others that were free tunes. My favorite one is Santa Cruz. It's so hard for me to remember the songs by their city names. I like the videos for Mr. Smalls and The Egg, er, Vancouver?, no Pittsburgh, and Albany. Two of my mom's daycare kids were watching it this morning with me, Pittsburgh- Richard's on Richards. The five year old boy, Nick, turns to Andrew, who's four, and says "Isn't she hot? That girl." Andrew says something like "I don't want to marry her." What is with little kids and knowing stuff like that? They shouldn't. Went to the mall last night. Wore my TMBG shirt, of course. Got a bunch of clothes for school and a pair of shoes. I can't stand shoe stores and the like. All the mirrors and glass tables give me a headache. I start to feel all sweaty and woozy when I see mirror's reflections out of the corner of my eye. It is strange and not fun. While my dad was in Steve and Barry's, I walked over to Best Buy. Found the BlueStock dvd that my mom said she'd buy for the daycare kids if I found it anywhere. So I got that too. I'm gonna make some icons soon from the Clap Your Hands on that and from Venue Songs. My mp3 player's up to 440 TMBG, Mono Puff, or John Linnell tracks.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Oh wow. The video was faster in uploading than I thought. Here it is, with TMBG song wonderfulness in the background. Or foreground. Whichever. Oh. The small size makes a bunch of the lines disappear. Oh well. It says "bee" in the top right corner, if you couldn't tell.
Uh... I had a ton of stuff that I wanted to write about, but now that I've sat down to type it out, I can't remember a lick of it. Huh. Don't think I've ever used that expression before. A lick of it. Whatever. I've done some more work on my drawing: Flans's shirt. I was being very lazy and, as much as I like that shirt, didn't feel like drawing and shading all the stripes in it, so it's a solid color. I have to finish it by Sunday because that's when we're driving up to the fair to give it to the fair people. It doesn't look like the latch hook's going to get finished in time, for the 5th year in a row. Oh well. I really don't care. I loathe those fragments of yarn and mesh thing and strange hook-device now. Nevada by Mr. Linnell's stuck in my head right now. I don't really know any of the words though, besides "Nevada, Nevada, a somehting for every something. Nevada, Nevada..." And now I have just looked the lyrics up, so... whatever. Yesterday, my locker number and combination came in the mail, as well as my class schedule. *sigh* I actually don't mind going to school that much; my class is great, although some of them sometimes argue about the most... mundane?.. no, trivial... things. But they're so so so funny. Last year, there were only three guys and ten girls; this year, Vince is leaving, so that makes two boys. Marie and Amy aren't coming back either, so that would make 10 of us, but I think a new girl's coming too. If you haven't figured it out already, my school is small. It's kindergarten-12th grade and has about 180 or so kids. I like it that way, though; it's really great to know eevrybody's name and to actually know them. Here's my schedule: English PE Chemistry US Government Bible *lunch* Algebra II Media Creations aka Video Class aka Do Stupid Things and Tape Them Class (We actually do do things, once in a while. We're getting an editing program that's better than what we had last year, which was nothing, aka Windows Movie Maker.) Keyboarding - It is my opinion that I do not need to take keyboarding. But it is my mother's. Due to the fact that I don't use proper technique and semi-look at the keys. I can probably type 50-60 words per minute. I guess that doesn't satisfy her. Thinking about video class made me think of the short little cartoon I made in paint frame by frame. I think I'll upload it on photobucket and post it here tomorrow or some time relatively soon. If I don't forget. Oh. House's coming out on dvd soon. I need to persuade my mom to let me buy it; I have the first season, but she says it's gone down-hill in terms of content. It has. But it's Hugh Laurie. I like Hugh. Very much. I want the dvds mostly for its bonus features, and for screencap/iconmaking Hugh goodness. If she doesn't fold, I guess I'll just have to rent it from the library. Which reminds me, I need to go watch Jeeves and Wooster. Well, I want to.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I don't like purple, but I think my journal looks cool. It's been three weeks since I sent in my order for the TMBG Merch store. Haven't gotten my Venue Songs/shirt yet. Could it be because I ordered the "Holiday Bundle"? Hey, they still have it on there. Once it's been over a month, I'm gonna email Them, I guess. Should I? One of my mom's daycare kids, Andrew, had on a tye-dyed Joe's Crabshack shirt today. Another kid, Nick, asked him where he got it. Andrew said he made it. (Total lie) Nick asked how. Andrew said "Like Easter eggs." Nick didn't get it. Andrew replied, "It's an ancient Chinese secret." Haha. The kid's only four. He must watch too much tv. Oh crap. House is on now. Well, I'ma go watch that. And then work on my John and John drawing. I entered it in the fair; it's next week, and I haven't worked on it any more since I posted it in . I gotta hurry. And I entered some dumb latch hook thing of a dog that I started about four years ago and is still not finished. I hate that thing. Also, a few months ago, I was walking to the library, past a cemetery, and I'm reading the gravestones, and I see one that says Linnell on it. Intersting. I keep forgetting to go take a picture of it, cause I wanna post it on here. But I have no digital camera, so I guess I'll have to bring the video camera and take a "picture" with that. *dances* It's Hughsday! It's Hughsday! *stops dance* *runs to living room*
Today has been great so far. I had a dream-ish sort of thing about TMBG; I was halfway awake though. Unfortunately, I can't remember much of it, other than Flans and Linnell being in my livingroom sitting on the couch next to me and me holding/playing with Linnell's 10-or-so month old baby boy. It wasn't Henry. I got up at about 10, I go into the livingroom where my mom and her four daycare kids are watching the Blues Clues I got from the library. The BlueStock one-- with Them doing Clap Your Hands. The kids love that song. When that part was over, my mom rewound it and played it again. And again. And again. And again. And again. Six times. They were all clapping and stomping and jumping and, unfortunately for me, screaming in an ear shattering tone. Then, my mom went to take my sister and her friend to volleyball practice at our school, and I had to watch two of the kids. Most times when I'm left alone with them, I put on Here Come the ABCs. They love the videos and songs for E Eats Everything, LMNO, ang Go for G!. All Flan's, I noticed. They lost interest, though; one got out his gameboy and the other watched him play Sponge Bob, or the Fairly Odd Parents, or something like that. If they want to go down into the playroom, let them, say I. All the better for me to watch the DVD in quietness.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Stole this from Stuck my mp3 player on shuffle, put whatever song came up in order on here. Opening Credits: Mainstream USA Pff. Off to a great start, eh? ---- Waking Up: Older (Mink Car Version) Depressing XD --- The Big Move: Don't Let's Start --- Falling in Love: Particle Man (Live at 120 Minutes) Odd. --- First Kiss: The Statue Got Me High Hmm. --- Fight scene: The Biggest One (Live) More like, "You're the biggest one, you fat idiot." ...? --- Breaking Up: Where Your Eyes Don't Go - Why Does the Sun Shine? Medley No. --- Getting back together: Stalk of Wheat (Dial-A-Song) What's with all these obscure songs? --- Secret Love: It's Kickin' In Alright... --- Life's okay: Twisting Not exactly. --- Mental Breakdown: Fake Believe Maybe insanity-wise. --- Out being crazy with friends: Man, It's So Loud in Here Makes sense. --- Driving: Kiss Me, Son of God Nope. --- Flashback: Purple Toupee Yay. It makes sense finally! --- Happy dance: Kings of the Cave (Live) I'd like to see that dance. --- Regretting: If I Wasn't Shy Perfect. --- Spending a night alone: AKA Driver --- If it was alone in a car.. maybe.--- Death scene: Rocket Ship Oh, how that category could have worked... Because I'm bored, I'ma do it again. Opening Credits: I Should Be Allowed to Think Interesting choice... ---- Waking Up: Yeh Yeh No. --- The Big Move: Substitute Teacher (Spoken Word) What kind of movie is this? --- Falling in Love: I've Got a Match (Live) What the heck? No no no no NO! --- First Kiss: Adventure Club Sweeper Haha. --- Fight scene: I've Got a Match Ok, that works a little better... --- Breaking Up: Narrow Your Eyes Better. --- Getting back together: Theme to McSweeney's Hehehe. --- Secret Love: Hide Away Folk Family It's hidden.. --- Life's okay: Thermostat I guess..? --- Mental Breakdown: Am I Awake? Yay! --- Out being crazy with friends: My Evil Twin They must be destructive. --- Driving: E Eats Everything Huh-uh. --- Flashback: Mr. Xcitement. No. --- Happy dance: C'mon... let it be Happy Doesn't Have to Have an Ending... Alienation's for the Rich Hah. --- Regretting: James K. Polk Regretting what? Starting a fake war with Mexico? --- Spending a night alone: Seven Eleven Such a fun night.. --- Death scene: Hovering Sombrero '05 Yes. I totally wanna hear Mr. Lips while someone dies! XD Bye.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm home. Got home at like 8 tonight. I made more TMBG icons on the way home- am gonna post them in a minute, read more of The World of Jeeves, listened to a bunch of radio appearances and watched the JBTV thing that I downloaded while having opportunity to in a fast manner. The Montana clip from O'Brien was gonna take about 4 hours on with my internet speed took 3 minutes with theirs. *jealousy* But it saved it in a weird format- MPGA. So if anybody knows a program I can use to convert them to mp3, that'd be awesome.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I've seen the Pleather commercial here twice already. I guess Pennsylvanians must really like donuts. Or ice-coffee-gross things. I feel bad for Conan O'Brien, having to see an Einstein watermelon on a toilet outside his dressing room all day. Um. Yeah... Gah. Audio formats and converting between them are confusing. I need help.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Whee. Just got done with a 5 or so hour drive to Pennsylvania. To my mom's relatives. Am on their computer now, and it's FAST! I'm so happy. Listened to TMBG and made icons the whole way here; shall prolly post 'em later if I can transfer them to this computer. Fun, fun.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Pertunia. My cousin's egg shell's name is Pertunia. The morning after I made that mammoth entry, it was the first thing that popped into my head as I woke up.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Aaand... I just missed Craig Ferguson's monologue. Dang.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Ew. Apparently, my sister just dropped her bottle of perfume on the kitchen floor, and it busted. My dad just came into the computer room and open the door to tell me I can't go in there. (Duh.) Now it smells really bad. I hate it. Twice-times apparently, Homestar has teeth. In other more important and way less nasty smelling stuff, I'm kinda depressed/angry/sad/happy. Yes, those can all happen at once. My Aunt Krystal and Uncle Pat and my cousins Ryan and Christopher flew over from Kansas on Thursday. Friday afternoon: I went to my firend's birthday party. Was fun. We played Catch Phrase, badmitton (is there a good mitton?), volleyball, Cranium, watched an episode of Gilligan's Island (The Skipper loses and then tries to win back Gilligan in turtle races against Mr. Howell), and went to a graveyard and played frisbee (I know; it sounds weird). Friday night: Right after getting back from the party, around 10:30, I went over to my grandma's house where all the family was. (My Aunt Diana and Uncle Danny and Cassie and Danielle came up from Columbus) And my other cousins Sarah, Derek, and Matt and my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Maria were there. And Aunt Brenda. And Grandma. Some of the adults and Derek played poker. Went home at 12:00. My sister went to spend the night at Aunt Maria's house with Cassie and Danielle. Ok, this is gonna be like an outline or timeline or telephone line or something. Saturday morning-ish: At 3:00, most of my cousins, except for Sarah and Derek, and some of my aunts/uncles went to see Pirates of the Caribbean II. Very neat, but a little too cheesy - eg. the cages and water wheel. I sat next to my sister and Danielle- her watch broke somehow, and made this loud vibrating noise for about 10 minutes. Saturday evening: After the movie we all went back to my grandma's house. We ate dinner over there. Spaghetti. Played 5 or 6 person solitare. THAT is fun. Even though I miss a ton of plays. It's so fast. At about 9:15, we all went over to my aunt Maria and uncle Bruce's house. Had a bonfire and played hide and seek. Had to go home at 10:30 or so cause of church. Sunday morning: Went to church at 9:30. Got home at 12:15. Went to Grandma's house again; everyone was there. Had lunch: grilled foodstuffs: hotdogs; hamburgers; chicken. Weird punctuation is fun. We watched part of Anchorman. Played an old NASCAR game on the N64. At 5:30, me and my mom and my sister and my cousin Cassie went to our church's vacation Bible school. My sister and cousin were, erm, students, and my mom and I helped. Me with the crafts; she being a group leader. We had about 20 kids which was pretty good considering how small our church is. It was really fun. Sunday night: Got back to Grandma's house at about 9. We played solitare, Uno, and Phase 10. Card games rule. Poor Chris. When we played Phase 10, we'd skip him every time we could. No specific reason why. He never made it past phase 1. Went home late; my sister spent the night at Aunt Brenda's house with some...people. Quietness. It was nice. Monday morning: At about 11:30, I left with Uncle Pat to go to Aunt Brenda's house to go to Monsoon Lagoon- a waterpark/mini-golf/go-kart/bumper-boat place. Me, Kara, Cassie, Danielle, Matt, Christopher, Ryan, Uncle Pat, Aunt Krystal, and Aunt Diana went. We swam for the first two/three hours, then ate lunch. Went on the go-karts once, then back in the pool. They had a lazy river thing that was really fun; the current pushed you along and ya didn't have to do anything. Me and Cassie and Matt and Kara went on teh bumper boats; mine was the only one whose water gun worked. That was good. We went on the go-karts a few more times and then all played mini-golf. I have to say, it was the most boring and dumb course I've ever played at. Every hole was pretty much teh same. No windmill obstacles or anything like that. Then we went home. Monday night: We went back to Grandma's hose again to eat a late dinner; it was about 8. Leftovers. We started to play Phase 10 again, but my mom came and my sister and I had to leave. Chris and Ryan are leaving tomorrow morning, well, I guess now it's this morning, to fly back to Kansas. I really wish I coulda been with them more, although after reading this, you'd think I spent every waking moment with them. That's the depressed bit. And the sad. The happy was doing all the aforementioned stuff. Angry is my mom making us leave so early even though Aunt Brenda said she would take us home later. Oh. One thing: on the car ride to the waterpark and back, my cousin Cassie had a hollow egg that she'd blown the yoke and egg white out of. It was painted. And she named it something insanely hilarious that I completely forgot, and it's driving me insane. Will hafta ask my sister in the morning. Any way, she put make-up on the egg. Don't look at me like that. It was FUNNY. And here is a comic from this Sunday's paper that is great. Props to anyone who made it all the way through. Leave me a comment.