Saturday, December 16, 2006


20 Questions game thing: "I am guessing that it is Santa Claus?" Me: Wrong 20 Questions thing: "I am guessing that it is John Flansburgh?" Me: Right That game is hilarious. I was watching this thing about St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, and it says how you can get a kid's story in the mail every month if you donate to them, and one of the kid's names was Allyson Cameron. Like from House. Then I was watching a Safe Auto commercial, where some guy's got this huge speaker on his desk playing the theme song, and his nameplate on his desk says Michael Scott. Like from the Office. I was observant today. Yay! Homecoming games were tonight. Girls lost, guys won. AND SAM DUNKED AND I DIDN'T SEE IT. I was buying some of that tea stuff. Ah well, I can see it in High Definition Monday. Bob taped the game(s). And the Homecoming ceremony thingymabobber. Sam's king! And Stephanie's queen! Hehe. Jeremy was one of the senior representatives, and he had a white suit on with converses. And when he was at the end of the runway with Bethanne, while someone was still saying stuff about him, he pulled this gold watch on a chain out of his suit. Jeremy's awesome.

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