Friday, September 1, 2006

Wheat Thins are good. Yay!! Three day weekend. It's a Labor-dabor. Maybe I shall stick a burger on top of a stick to celebrate. And say stuff to people as they walk by. Then school Monday and Tuesday, then the HIGH SCHOOL RETREAT aka AWESOMENESS!! Whoo! Best. Place. Ever. 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th all go at the beginning of school Thursday and come back at the end of school Friday. I can't even begin to express how amazing and fun and great this is. We can go horseback riding, on a zipline over the lake, paddle boats, mini-golf, basketball, ping pong, fooseball, air hockey, carpetball... It is so, so great. Get to hang out with my friends and get to know other people way better. We always have class competitions, and the seniors always win. It's tradition. There's an obstacle course we do together, and on Thursday night, the Senior Search. Everyone waits in the dining hall while all the seniors hide pretty much anywhere on the camp grounds. We have to find them, and get points for our class when we find them. *squee* I'm just so, so ,so, SO excited. Utter awesomeness. So many memories from the past two years, too. Like when Marie fell off a paddleboat into the lake. And me whooping on Josh Clark in air hockey. The class vs. class volleyball tournament and how bad Josh is at volleyball. Marie falling down into a ditch only to land on two seniors who were hiding there. Emily's horse pooping and not following the others. Kristin being so scared that someone was going to pull a prank on her at night. The grody orange juice/half cooked egg yolk-looking nacho cheese. Us making a huge mess at dinner, breakfast, lunch. The slop buckets. Heather biffing Kristin in the face with the tetherball. Watching Mr. Thomas fly out over the lake on the zipline Superman-style. Anna putting fingernail polish on Aaron while he was sleeping. Having such sore legs from walking up and down and up and down the massive hill. Watching Heavyweights on the way to the camp. Butt-n-heinie's fart in a bottle. People not having shampoo in the showers. Splashing eachother in the paddleboats. The campfire. Josh Cook flinging cheese and sour cream all over Mr. Townsend's body during an object lesson. *sigh* Great, great times. Can't wait.

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