Friday, September 22, 2006

I have thought of what to type today for a while. I can't htink of anything. Other than that at 2:30, I left school with the JH volleyabll team, kept scorebook for their game which started at 4:30 (we lost), and stayed to watch TEH VARSITY. They won! In five games. They lost the first, won the second, lost the third, won the fourth, won the fith. They did awesome! Then we drove home, but stopped at Burger King to eat. There were a ton of us in there. And alot of throwing bits of things. On the way home, me, Carissa, Autumn, Dana, and Mandy prank called people. It was so funny. And now I'm home. My sister has a game at 9 tomorrow morning; I'll have to get up early. I'm staying up late anyway.

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