Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wow. Mr. Wright is the most awesome guy ever! He had this quiz for us today that he made with Power Point. It was about himself, like how old he was and stuff like that. It was 15 questions; I got 7 right. The most anyone's ever gotten right is 10. Then he showed us the website he made for us to get a ton of our homework and assignments off of. Is pretty neat. I'm in the Old Testament Survey class. We gotta read the whole Old Testament this year. Last year, we read the New Testament. We can listen to it on tape, too, and he's got it in mp3 on his computer; he says we can bring in a blank cd or mp3 player and he'll copy it for us. I think I shall do that. There's this pizza place at the top of my street; it's gotta be low-end: on the side of the building, in big red and green spraypainted leters, it says QUICK~N~TASTEY. How pathetic. XD I'm off to dinner now.

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