Thursday, August 24, 2006

It's my dad's birthday today. He took off work. Later, we;re going to the fair. We're going tomorrow too. Somebody gave my dad two ticket to the tractor pull. So he and my mom are going. They don't really like that kind of stuff, either. My sister's gonna be there with a junior high thing with our church, passing out tracts and the like. So, I get to roam around with my cousins Jess and Abby. And their parents. More pictures. All by me. The reason that there are so many Flansburghs is simply because I can't draw Linnell. He's harder. Not that I can draw Flans all that well... This thing freaked me out as I drew it. It was gonna be Marzipan at first, then a broom, then a reindeer. I dunno what it is.

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