Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My head.. it hurts. I got kneed in the forehead in gym class today; it's swelled up pretty big and is all nasty looking. Mrs. Warkentien was worried I have a concussion, so the office called my mom and I opted to leave at lunch. So I can finish reading my book report that's due tomorrow. XD We were playing this game in which there were two teams- one on each side of the gym, and beeanbags in the middle. Deanna gave everybody a number, and then she'd call out a number or two and whoever had the numbers would run to the middle and get as many of them as they could. So Katelynn and I ran and Emily and Crhissy did from the other side. I got there before Emily did and was picking the things up and her knee went into my head-- a little bit above my left eye. Um... I guess that's all. I'm watching videos of Mr. Miller doing the ever awesome Istanbul Intro. Bob's bringing his Wii to school tomorrow so we can play with it in video class because we'll be the only ones there- the choir/handbells people are going to sing/play somewhere. Bye. Ooh. House's on tonight.

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