Saturday, November 25, 2006

This week was fun. I'm doing this like Lemita did. Wednesday I forget what I did but I'm sure I already said something about it before. Thursday I went to my Grandma (dad's side)'s house. Cassie and Danielle and Sarah and Derek and Matt and Sara's friend Ramsey were there. Made a bunch of really strange crossword puzzles on the computer. Ex: Clue: Cassie. Answer: Nusic. All pretty much old jokes. We ate good food. Then me and Sarah and my aunt Brenda and Grandma and Cassie played solitaire for a while. Then most of us went over to Matt's house and watched Uncle Danny and Ramsey and Matt play games on their new xbox 360. Friday Aunt Debbie and Uncle Scott's house for more food. Only Uncle Steve and Matthew came up from Columbus; Alex and Michael were sick, and Eric, who's a week older than me, was just a party pooper. We ate more good food. Then, we played Scene It- the tv edition. The majority of the questions were from 80's tv shows; I only knew about five of the answers the whole time. We started adding "The" and "Show" before/after every answer. So Friends = The Friends Show. It was funny. Matt and Uncle Steve left, then Jess, Abby, Kara, and I played PS2 for a long, long time. Crash Team Racing and Nitro Kart. Battle Mode is fun. My sister and I spent the night at their house- we watched Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties. Dumb movie. But it had Breckin Meyer in it, which is good. Then we played PS2 more. Then went to bed. Then got up and played PS2 again. Then ate breakfast. Played PS2. Ate leftovers for lunch; played video games again. Then went home and read some of book report book and fell asleep until 6. Good stuff.

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