Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The operating video thing's pretty much done. Bob's just gotta add in sound effects, do the end credits, and get a close up of the body. It is really wonderful. I'm leavin' to go to church soon. No youth group--there's a dress rehearsal of the Christmas Musicale. I just found out about two days ago that P. G. Wodehouse's name isn't pronounced WODE-house, how it looks. It's WOOD-house. The wrong pronunciation's so ingrained in my brain... I think I'm gonna accidentally say it wrong a bunch of times when I give my oral book report on him next week. It's weird. I'm gonna show a clip from Jeeves and Wooster with my report too--we have to have some kind of "prop." I tried to think of a scene that was more direct dialog from a story rather than something that was added for tv, cause, well, that just makes sense. I'm probably going to use the A, B, Caesar thing from Bridegroom Wanted. That's one of my favorite bits. Hah. Bits. I've been watching too much British tv. EDIT: I didn't go to church. *sigh* I wanted too. Ah well.

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