Monday, August 14, 2006

Stole this from Stuck my mp3 player on shuffle, put whatever song came up in order on here. Opening Credits: Mainstream USA Pff. Off to a great start, eh? ---- Waking Up: Older (Mink Car Version) Depressing XD --- The Big Move: Don't Let's Start --- Falling in Love: Particle Man (Live at 120 Minutes) Odd. --- First Kiss: The Statue Got Me High Hmm. --- Fight scene: The Biggest One (Live) More like, "You're the biggest one, you fat idiot." ...? --- Breaking Up: Where Your Eyes Don't Go - Why Does the Sun Shine? Medley No. --- Getting back together: Stalk of Wheat (Dial-A-Song) What's with all these obscure songs? --- Secret Love: It's Kickin' In Alright... --- Life's okay: Twisting Not exactly. --- Mental Breakdown: Fake Believe Maybe insanity-wise. --- Out being crazy with friends: Man, It's So Loud in Here Makes sense. --- Driving: Kiss Me, Son of God Nope. --- Flashback: Purple Toupee Yay. It makes sense finally! --- Happy dance: Kings of the Cave (Live) I'd like to see that dance. --- Regretting: If I Wasn't Shy Perfect. --- Spending a night alone: AKA Driver --- If it was alone in a car.. maybe.--- Death scene: Rocket Ship Oh, how that category could have worked... Because I'm bored, I'ma do it again. Opening Credits: I Should Be Allowed to Think Interesting choice... ---- Waking Up: Yeh Yeh No. --- The Big Move: Substitute Teacher (Spoken Word) What kind of movie is this? --- Falling in Love: I've Got a Match (Live) What the heck? No no no no NO! --- First Kiss: Adventure Club Sweeper Haha. --- Fight scene: I've Got a Match Ok, that works a little better... --- Breaking Up: Narrow Your Eyes Better. --- Getting back together: Theme to McSweeney's Hehehe. --- Secret Love: Hide Away Folk Family It's hidden.. --- Life's okay: Thermostat I guess..? --- Mental Breakdown: Am I Awake? Yay! --- Out being crazy with friends: My Evil Twin They must be destructive. --- Driving: E Eats Everything Huh-uh. --- Flashback: Mr. Xcitement. No. --- Happy dance: C'mon... let it be Happy Doesn't Have to Have an Ending... Alienation's for the Rich Hah. --- Regretting: James K. Polk Regretting what? Starting a fake war with Mexico? --- Spending a night alone: Seven Eleven Such a fun night.. --- Death scene: Hovering Sombrero '05 Yes. I totally wanna hear Mr. Lips while someone dies! XD Bye.

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