Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's late.

So.. Christmas was good. I got presents. Many of them. Most notably, dvds of The Goonies and WORDPLAY. I was super excited about that. Also, gift cards to Amazon and Borders. And the New York Times crossword game for DS which is SWEET. Got to see my cousins from Kansas and Columbus today at my grandma's. We had a gingerbread house making contest. It is not finished yet. I was with Cassie and Christopher. Kara and Ryan were on a team and Matt and Danielle were on the other one. Our house is like a horror-type thing. There's a reindeer in the front yard with its head cut off and blood. It's sweet. I shall take pictures. Matt and Danielle gave up like halfway through and poured icing all over. Looks like someone snotted all over it. Green drippy icing. And random marshmallows with toothpicks stuck in them everywhere. And Kara and Ryan's is loaded with icing and candy and stuff. So much so that looking at it makes you not want to eat sugar again ever.

Monday, December 24, 2007

I am drawing Jon Stewart in art. I wrote a ballad about Dwight and Ryan and Mose for English. Lots of stuff has happened. Ooh! We got an external hard drive. So exciting. I was very happy. I am going to miss Eveline. She's leaving on the 29th to go back to Brazil. Some people from our class are going to the airport to say bye. It's gonna be so sad. She is so awesome. We will miss her so so much. Heather and Eve and Josh and Kristen and TJ and I went to see National Treasure on Friday. It was fun. Except TJ and Josh got there late, and when we went in, it was mostly filled, so we had to sit in the very front row with our necks at a strange angle. Then we went back to Heather/Ev's house and played DDR and Wii stuff. Josh left like right away though. And then Kristen did. But TJ and I stayed till like 12:30 or 1 or something. So I ended up spending the night. It was very fun. Heather's little brother Andrew, who is 8, was acting crazy. He kept saying he was the gingerbread man and shining his laser pointer at everyone.