Thursday, August 17, 2006

Uh... I had a ton of stuff that I wanted to write about, but now that I've sat down to type it out, I can't remember a lick of it. Huh. Don't think I've ever used that expression before. A lick of it. Whatever. I've done some more work on my drawing: Flans's shirt. I was being very lazy and, as much as I like that shirt, didn't feel like drawing and shading all the stripes in it, so it's a solid color. I have to finish it by Sunday because that's when we're driving up to the fair to give it to the fair people. It doesn't look like the latch hook's going to get finished in time, for the 5th year in a row. Oh well. I really don't care. I loathe those fragments of yarn and mesh thing and strange hook-device now. Nevada by Mr. Linnell's stuck in my head right now. I don't really know any of the words though, besides "Nevada, Nevada, a somehting for every something. Nevada, Nevada..." And now I have just looked the lyrics up, so... whatever. Yesterday, my locker number and combination came in the mail, as well as my class schedule. *sigh* I actually don't mind going to school that much; my class is great, although some of them sometimes argue about the most... mundane?.. no, trivial... things. But they're so so so funny. Last year, there were only three guys and ten girls; this year, Vince is leaving, so that makes two boys. Marie and Amy aren't coming back either, so that would make 10 of us, but I think a new girl's coming too. If you haven't figured it out already, my school is small. It's kindergarten-12th grade and has about 180 or so kids. I like it that way, though; it's really great to know eevrybody's name and to actually know them. Here's my schedule: English PE Chemistry US Government Bible *lunch* Algebra II Media Creations aka Video Class aka Do Stupid Things and Tape Them Class (We actually do do things, once in a while. We're getting an editing program that's better than what we had last year, which was nothing, aka Windows Movie Maker.) Keyboarding - It is my opinion that I do not need to take keyboarding. But it is my mother's. Due to the fact that I don't use proper technique and semi-look at the keys. I can probably type 50-60 words per minute. I guess that doesn't satisfy her. Thinking about video class made me think of the short little cartoon I made in paint frame by frame. I think I'll upload it on photobucket and post it here tomorrow or some time relatively soon. If I don't forget. Oh. House's coming out on dvd soon. I need to persuade my mom to let me buy it; I have the first season, but she says it's gone down-hill in terms of content. It has. But it's Hugh Laurie. I like Hugh. Very much. I want the dvds mostly for its bonus features, and for screencap/iconmaking Hugh goodness. If she doesn't fold, I guess I'll just have to rent it from the library. Which reminds me, I need to go watch Jeeves and Wooster. Well, I want to.

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