Thursday, May 31, 2007

Last Day of School

So sad. I don't want the seniors to leave! They're so awesome. I shall be very very sad. I have one exam next week on Monday. Graduation is next Friday, the 8th. Kristin and I are the junior officers; we get to lead in the seniors and the pledges and usher/get the teachers/parents out. We had practice for the stuff yesterday and today. Kristin and I got to be surrogate parents for when they were practicing reading their life verse, getting their diploma/pictures taken and then coming down front to hug their parents and hand them the diploma/roses. We got hugged by some of the girls. And Sam. It was so funny. Kristin and I decided that Andrew wasn't our son; he was most definitely adopted. *sadness* I'll miss them so, so much. Yesterday at church, it was Graduation Celebration, where all the seniors sit up front facing everybody else at all decorated-up tables and wear party hats. They got presents. Then everybody talked about their favorite or funny memories of them. Then they told their favorite memories. Then they gave wisdom to us younger folk. Pastor Dave wrote a poem, or something of that sort, like he did last year, telling about each senior and stuff. This year, it was entitled The Odyssey of Senior Lore 2007. I am sorta bored, so I will proceed to type out some of it. Lend me thine ears oh young and foolish of thought Much passes of time - and time passes much The great years of our Lord 2002 to 2007 What has passed is not now gained - but what was gained has not yet passed A clergy of youth twas I, bold and naive The youth thus hither to had been astrayed The winds of immaturity and temptation howling What would become of those young - passing to the new Now I doth again bequeath to thine attentive ears [[15 similar stanzas about seniors]] So may we rise to meet the challenge laid before us by so large and noble a group Tis nobler to learn from greatness and build upon it than to tear it down It was the best of times, it was the best of times Their impact on our lives, lifelong, or at least through the next fer weeks Their memory, though now fading, burning on digital camera prints forever So may it be as it was and evermore shall be - it cannot be again, but may again rise to be so, Though it may be hence a year from now David Burman II-the thirtieth day of the month of may in the year of our Lord and Savior two thousand and seven It only took him 35 minutes to write. PD's insanely amazing. Also, at the beginning of everything, there was a slideshow. And ice cream cake. Some unforeseen evil is strangling the speed at which mine internet doth travel. Speaking like that is fun. And mildly educational. I'm a senior. Sorta. How scary. Have not received my freaking book report back yet, Miss Reeves. The school year is over. So dumb. Today, I brought my camera to school to show Mr. Wright to make sure I could use it for photography class which I plan on taking next year. So I took a bunch of pictures throughout the day. TJ did too. Alot. Of himself. He was in the process of doing so third period when the tornado alarm thingie started ringing. He took pictures of our journey downstairs. They're pretty funny. In history, everybody presented their made up governments. We got do bid on qualities for our society, like power or financial security or health or knowledge, then we made seals and flags and mottos and anthems and prepostambles and outlines of governmental system-types. TJ and Nate and Stephanie and I were in a group. Our country/planet/whatever was all one huge house, like literally, everything communal like. Communalism, it is called. Motto is "Speak softly, live in a big house. Because some people might be sleeping." Anthem was Come on-a My House, a really strange song from the 50's sung by Rosemary Clooney. Mostly just repeats "Come on to my house, I'm gonna give you ____" candy, a pear, a Christmas tree, an "easta egg". Also says "I like your hair". Our flag was a door. Rotated 90 degrees from a normal flag shape, thus resulting in the doorness. Had a room number and handle on it. Also a doggy door. The seal was sweet. Big, big house sitting on top of the earth with wings, like bird wings, symbolizing the house's wings as in expansionized sections. Fun, fun stuff. That is the last class we shall ever have with Mr. Spickler. Was his last year teaching here, after 19 years. Also for Mr. Townsend. Except for the 19 years part. 5 years. Will miss them and Deanna very much next year. Deanna's joining the Marines. And all the seniors. Waah. The fact that school's done is surreal, that I won't ever see any of the seniors in class or the hallways again. I'm sad. I'll still be able to see some of them, yeah. At church Wednesday nights through the end of the summer. But a lot of them are going off to college at Cedarville or BBC or Bob Jones or somewhere. Email and instant messaging and facebook and myspace too. But they suck compared to actually seeing/talking to them almost daily. I hate change.

Friday, May 25, 2007


We had an awesome dodgeball tournament at school on Thursday. Everyone had planned a ton of stuff and was extremely excited for it. It was fun. I was on a good team. Sam, Chuck, Mike, and Tony. Every team had to have at least one girl on it. Aaron, Sam's younger brother, asked me to be on his team, but I thought I was going to video tape it, so I said no. Then Bob said it didn't matter if I taped it or not, and Tony asked me to be on his team, and his sounded like it had people on it who I wouldn't want to be against: really hard-throwing people like Chuck and Sam. So I joined his team. Then Aaron kept complaining about it. His team, who was brown and called Troop 417 ended up winning, too. So he was all, "Ha!" at me today. It was funny. We were green and our name was/is/whatever Total Sweetness. Tony keeps insisting that it's Totally Sweetness, but we say that that doesn't make any sense. Because it doesn't. The boundaries of the court were along the volleyball court lines; there were tables all set up around it like this. and this. This my team. Yo. Tony, Sam, me, Mike, Chuck. There were preliminary warm-up-type rounds that didn't hurt our records, just seeded us in the brackets. Since there were an uneven amount of teams, we were the only team to play twice. THe first time, we played a team of all junior highers, beat them pretty quickly. Then we played the black team, Shock and Awe, which was all seniors. We beat them in fifteen seconds. It was great. Sam had a really good catch. Video! Yay! So we won both those two games. Then the actual tournament ws double elimination. We won our first game, but somehow lost the next two. They were all extremely short; I doubt we played more than six or seven minutes total. The black team worked their way back up the bracket thing (or whatever) and played Aaron's team. Best out of seven games. Aaron's team won. The end.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


It was kinda cold today. Junior high and high school went on a field trip to an Indians baseball game today. Against Minnesota. Also listened and watched, before the game, to NBC local weather people talk about weather. I think it was geared toward 3rd grade. Boring stuff. As was the game. We sat at the back, on the third base side in foul territory. Absolutely nothing happened until the 7th inning when the fourth and fifth people in the Indians' lineup had back-to-back home runs. And then nothing again. Four hits for each team the entire game. Still way better than school though. Sat by Kristin. Talked to her. And Mike. Then we went back to school, and I ran the scoreboard for the second of the two third through sixth grade intramural basketball games. They're very funny to watch. The super-secret Office season finale is on in 20 minutes! Yay!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Went on Adopt-A-Highway after school today. TJ, Heather, and I went on one side of the road and Josh, Kim, and Brittni went on the other. We found a Blue Man Group cd still in its original cardboard and shrinkwrap case thing. I unwrapped it; Mrs. Warkentien put it in the van's cd player; it worked fine. Cool music. Then I found a "Gangsta Boo" cd which was all muddy. I might clean it off and listen. Probably not. It was fun. Took about two hours. The weather was good. Cooled off right as we started. Too much wind though. Dust. We saw a dead something in the grass. Couldn't tell what it was. Just fur. TJ and I played Pac Man and Dig Dug and Galaxian on the way back to the school. We got cable. It is awesome. Right now, we've got all 70-something channels. But it's like a free trial-ish thing; cable people are coming sometime soon to do something to something so that we only get basic basic cable. Which mostly adds QVC, HSN, and two C-SPAN channels. Ah well. Picture quality's much better. No more dumb antenna. But I can't figure out how to record anything with the VCR. House is on tonight. I like Mythbusters and How It's Made and Little People, Big World and very much other stuff.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


The USS Cod was amazing. I got a 30 on the ACT.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Stupid Coincidence

What. The. Heck. There's finally a TMBG show near me, that I can actually go to, that's all ages even. But. Guess what? We're gonna be in Kansas then. Visiting my cousins. The show's on the 21st; we're leaving the 18th. Anger.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I doth protest. Citizen's arrest.

The Shadow Government is so cool. This week's been pretty good. Less boring that I expected, even though the seniors are gone. My class and the sophomores are going on a field trip to the Cod on Friday. Yay field trip! The first one I've been on all year. In art, we're building these little model-ish things with tiny, tiny bricks and sand-grit-oatmealish mortar. Kim and I are working on the coliseum. It's got 965 pieces. The whole thing's like maybe ten inches across. It's pretty cool. Tyler and Cameron and Chuck are doing one of those too. We're having a race. Me and Kim are way winning. Other people are doing the Great Wall of China, which's got 600-something parts and a Mayan temple thing that's got 300-ish. I think maybe Kim and I will finish first. It's so fun! I don't know why. There is a little plastic wheelbarrow and metal spade for the mortar. And the mortar's water soluable, so you can build it over and over again. The play was very good. I went both nights. The Else is amazing. Bye.

Friday, May 4, 2007


The school play's tonight! And tomorrow! A Murder Is Announced. By Agatha Christie. From my class, Josh and Emily and Heather are in it. Shall be very neat. I'm hoping I can go both nights. The Office disappoints me. There is absoultely no reason for that kind of sexual crap. So many other decent and unraunchy things can be funny. Boo, NBC. Boo. Had a government test today. Pretty easy. English class is driving me crazy! It's so pathetic the things she makes us do; I could learn like 5 times as much in the same amount of time on my own. We're reading The Merchant of Venice, and she keeps telling us what happens later on in the book. SPOILER ALERT! The ship sinks. Oh wait, that was what she told us when we just started watching Moby Dick. Also, Dimmesdale dies. And Portia marries Bassanio. And all Antonio's ships sink. BUT. Next week, she's gone on senior trip with the seniors, and Mr. Davis is our substitute. He actually teaches us things, and, even though he makes us work crazy hard, my whole class likes him better. Which is saying something cause my class is extremely lazy. The paper clip was invented in 1867. Mr. Wright told us that today. Studay hall/video class was boring-ish today. Mike and I went to the library because the conference room, where we usually go, was filled with people and/or occupied. We looked at an issue of Popular Science. (No such thing, man. More like Nerdular Nerdence.) That magazine's cool. But not as much as Wired. Then Mike had to leave for a doctor's apointment, so I went into the cafeteria where Bob and Jeremy were trying to find a good music track for our college video. Any idea? It's gotta be around 3 minutes long, give or take 30 second. Instrumental would be better. Right now, we're prolly gonna use Smash Mouth's All Star. Bleh. Overused. But kinda cool. Next week's gonna be so boring without the seniors here. I shall be all alone in video class all week.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


TMBG/The Brothers Chaps are doing stuff together again! A music video for the number 8! Yes. Also, Matt Chapman's robots. On my blog.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Track listing! Yay! Can't wait to hear the new/improved/even-more-awesome Contrecoup. The Mesopotamians, With the Dark, The Shadow Government, and Feign Amnesia must be awesome; songs that are called that must be. School has been pretty cool. A rhyme. Ooh. Yeah. Talents for Christ was Saturday, from 10 to like 4 or 5, and it was very cool. Nate's bass playing was my favorite part. String bass. Like a cello, only bigger. Bigger than him. And taller. Like a foot taller. Stephanie got second in girls speech, Reilly was first in visualized teaching, or something like that, Drew got second in piano, the First Baptist large ensemble choir got first, and Steve got first in male voice. It was very happy. Very good. Only Sam didn't do his speech thing. But. He finaly came back to school yesterday. Carry on Wayward Son has been stuck in my head...for like the past week. We used it in one of our video projects. Also, Mike's obsessed with it. That, or he's got it stuck in his head too. He sings it all the time. But only the acapella part at the beginning. Bye.