Monday, August 28, 2006

Got all my stuff back from the fair yesterday. It was kinda raining the whole time, too, but more like a mist. I took the chance to be electrocuted and listened to music. I was bidding for a lot of 11 TMBG cds on ebay. It went for 41 bucks; I'd bid up to 30. I so woulda won if I'd checked back in time before it ended. The S-E-X-X-Y EP was in there too: Sensurround. I've wanted to hear that song so, so bad for a long time. Oh well. I watched some of the Emmys at my cousin's house. They have a nice widescreen-type tv with DVR or something that enables them to rewind and such. Jess recorded it for me, so I could rewatch Hugh Laurie present an award. He spoke in French! Or some other similar sounding language. The Emmy people are idiots, though. No one deserving won. Other than The Daily Show and Steve Carell. No Bryan Cranston, no Jane Kazmerek - that was her 7th consecutive nomination without a win and last chance with Malcolm. Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Musical Program: Barry Manilow Not Craig Feguson, Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, or Hugh Jackman. Colbert and Ferguson both mentioned it as they presented awards. Done with that mini rant. School starts tomorrow. :( I shan't be on here as much.

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