Thursday, August 24, 2006

First person who knows what my page title and sub title thing are from wins. Went to the fair. Had fair food. Dinner. Was two ice cream cones and a bottle of Vault. I'm not tired. *hops around like caffienated Gron Sad* I'm not tired. *twitch* I'm not tired. At least I'll be able to stay up for Craig's monologue. If I get offa here in time. Found a good quote in the TV Guide, I think. At the library. From Conan O'Brien. "This is frontier justice- I'm just handing out Emmys to people who deserve them. Hugh Laurie, I've told him to meet me in the parking lot behind the Shrine Auditorium, and I'm giving him- it'll say Technical Emmy for Lighting, but he can get another nameplate." Hugh deserves an Emmy, dangit. And he doubly deserves to be nominated. Yay Conan. Yay Conan's hair. I saw my friend/next door neighbor at the fair. We were in the grandstand waiting to watch the 4H parade and their floats and stuff. Joseph. His name. That's it. he talked to my family and me and then went to sit with his friend. Later, as the troops or groups or whatever they are, the 4H people were walking past- the ones that didn't make floats. And there's Joseph and his two friends walking in one of them. He has never been in 4H a day in his life. It was extrememly funny. He kept waving at us. XD More doodles. Because I can. I only realized today that I'd been drawing Homsar's feet wrong; they point in towards each other. Hence the difference between them in the two pictures. I like the little picture in the corner. *twitch*

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