Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Coincidences are weird. I was reading on teh wiki about She Was a Hotel Detective and thinking about how I wish I could listen to it. I opened Clock Radio, and the first song that played was that one. I gave out candy at my grandma's house last night. My sister and my cousin Jess went as a spy and an equestrian. Candy is good. I was so hyper when we got home. I chased my sister around the house whipping her with a towel for like 15 minutes, until my mom yelled at us because she ran into the wall. She has marks on her legs. Heehee. We got the HD camera today. Nobody got to look at it except for Bob. He says he's giving us a challenge with/about it tomorrow. Fun times. Mock election debate's tomorrow too. Dressdown day. Yay! We can wear jeans and red, white, and blue stuff. It's gonna be funny. Each party's made a commercial. And the republicans are gonna have an awesome entrance. With a smoke machine and strobe lights (supposedly). And they're running into the auditorium through a big piece of paper. Like people do at football games.

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