Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Haha. They look all smooshed. Um... got back from church a little bit ago. Pastor Dave is hilarious. He was talking about how a fool and a scoffer are different. "A fools goes 'Doot-doo-doo. I'm dumb,' but a scoffer says 'Doot-doo-doo. You're dumb,' as he repeatedly runs into a wall." I am going to go take a shower and go to bed now. Good bye.
I love video class. Practice take from the doctor skit thingie. Maybe I can upload the whole thing when it's done. Um.... Josh and I made a timeline for part of the Scarlet Letter. It's extremely amusing. It's very gory/graphic. I love it.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

This week was fun. I'm doing this like Lemita did. Wednesday I forget what I did but I'm sure I already said something about it before. Thursday I went to my Grandma (dad's side)'s house. Cassie and Danielle and Sarah and Derek and Matt and Sara's friend Ramsey were there. Made a bunch of really strange crossword puzzles on the computer. Ex: Clue: Cassie. Answer: Nusic. All pretty much old jokes. We ate good food. Then me and Sarah and my aunt Brenda and Grandma and Cassie played solitaire for a while. Then most of us went over to Matt's house and watched Uncle Danny and Ramsey and Matt play games on their new xbox 360. Friday Aunt Debbie and Uncle Scott's house for more food. Only Uncle Steve and Matthew came up from Columbus; Alex and Michael were sick, and Eric, who's a week older than me, was just a party pooper. We ate more good food. Then, we played Scene It- the tv edition. The majority of the questions were from 80's tv shows; I only knew about five of the answers the whole time. We started adding "The" and "Show" before/after every answer. So Friends = The Friends Show. It was funny. Matt and Uncle Steve left, then Jess, Abby, Kara, and I played PS2 for a long, long time. Crash Team Racing and Nitro Kart. Battle Mode is fun. My sister and I spent the night at their house- we watched Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties. Dumb movie. But it had Breckin Meyer in it, which is good. Then we played PS2 more. Then went to bed. Then got up and played PS2 again. Then ate breakfast. Played PS2. Ate leftovers for lunch; played video games again. Then went home and read some of book report book and fell asleep until 6. Good stuff.

Friday, November 24, 2006

I'm off for more turkey and things at my cousin's house. I shall report back later.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Goin' to my grandma's house (Dad's side) today. My cousins from Columbus are coming up, or are up already. Cassie and Danielle. Wonder how Pertunia the Egg is doing. I love the WFMU Tape. The Youth Culture and You'll Miss Me on there are excellent. "I HAVE TO TIE MY SHOE." That make me laugh so hard. I think at the bottom of every entry from now on I'll put what number entry it is. 101 EDIT: No, I won't. I just thought of how stupid and pointless that would be.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Hey now. I just realized I'm two entries behind . So this is my 100th entry. Isn't it wonderful? How to make it special... What's that? You want random pictures? Ok.

Hugh L on Thanksgiving: "Back in England, we don't give thanks. We mourn the loss of the colonies."

Man, that quote was hard to fit into the subject line. I went to the Thanksgiving dinner my church was having last night. I ate alot of good food. Jonathan and Ian and Spencer and I did math problems on the white board in the youth room. It's like completely full of numbers now. It was fun. But I didn't get any dessert because we were doing stuff with that until the service started, and there wasn't any time. I got a piece of apple pie though. It tasted kinda vinegar-y. I have nothing to do today. I think. Oh, I have to clean my room. School yesterday was fun. Parts of it were, anyway. In gym, Deanna brought everyone donuts. And then we played football again. Football's boring. In science, we'd brought in a bunch of stuff for a party without telling the teacher, and we were trying to figure out a way for her to think that we thought it was her birthday so she'd let us watch a movie and stuff. Emily volunteered to go into the bathroom and make herself cry so we cold get Mrs. Warkentien out of the room and set the things up. We talk to her, though, before she went to check on Emily in the bathroom, and she was like "Yeah, sure. I don't care." So someone went and got Emily from the bathroom. She'd actually made herself cry, and mascara was all dripping down her face. We watched the Beverly Hillbillies; apparently, Start Little 2 has too much "language" in it. Haha. Mr. Spickler, my government teacher, is funny: "While you study, I'll practice carrying heavy loads on my head for when the Muslims take over."

Monday, November 20, 2006

Only one more day of school until no school. I went to my grandma's house yesterday; it was game day. Lots of relatives there. Very fun. Played solitare, Uno, and Scrabble, of which I won none. Played football in gym today, pobably because of all the hype from the OSU/Michigan and Browns/Steelers games. Eh, who cares. I scored two touch downs, though. And had an interception. Made an interception? Whatever. Ugh, math test tomorrow. And Bible. That shouldn't be too hard though. I have two quizzes to take in math, and if my average for all the quizzes from this chapter stays above a 100%, I get out of the test. Which would be cool. Dumb graphs/slopes/x's/y's. Yay! We're having breakfast-type foods for dinner. I love breakfast-type foods.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I think I still smell like pumpkins.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Stephen Fry was supposed to be on Ferguson tonight, but it doesn't say so in the cbs website. I hope he is. Yay. I get to get up at about 8:30 tomorrow to go to Kristen's house and help make 80-something pumpkin rolls/pies. It's one of our class's fundraisers. There's church overnight thing tonight-- going to a Cavs game, then bowling, ice skating, free stuff giving, and assorted awesome stuff that doesn't end unitl about 7 tomorrow morning. Or so. But it cost 50 bucks to go this year, and my parents said I'd have to pay for half of it. I'm cheap. I so wish I could have gone though. It was just about the best night ever the other times I've gone. At least I'll get to hear all about it, I'm sure, tomorrow at Kristen's house. Hehe. They'll be so tired. I bought Darlin' Allison from itunes today too. And listened to the newest theynow. I'm gonna go back and download them all. Eventually.

"I'm always one step ahead.... like a carpenter....who builds stairs.

Myspace is dumb. The Office isn't. I love that show. I'ma buy an episode of it offa itunes; it's only two bucks! I'm thinking of getting the one where Michael hurts his foot and stuff. Never seen it, but it seems to be one of the funnier ones, or so I've read. If only I could talk to TJ and Josh to get their expert opinions. Yeah...installed new version of itunes. Now I have to restart the computer before I can do anything on there. I shall do that now. Goodbye.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Eh, I'm lazy. Not saying anything. At least not today.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

FUNNY DAY. Pretty much all of it was. Video class.... I cannot describe the utter hysterics we were all in. More about everything tomorrow. Molly, the Ok Go thing was prettty cool. They did Here We Go Again. I'm sure it'll be on youtube soon. If not, I taped it. But I don't have much of an idea how to transfer vhs to the computer. I've been meaning to learn how to do that. Bye.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Report Card Thyme

Ok. So Hugh/Ok Go is on Craig Ferguson tonight. And we got a new dvd player/vcr thing. So I need to practice recording things. Fun stuff. I am taking the game Operation to school tomorrow. XD Video class. Yep. 4.3 grading scale. Check out my flippin' sweet red colored pencil drawing. Ahm bored. The new podcast is sweet.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hugh's gonna be on Ferguson tomorrow. And so is Ok Go! How awesome it that??
I am back. Groundedness is stupid. LJ's back too. Yay. The entry I wrote out last week has disappeared. Dumb power outages.

Friday, November 3, 2006


made me. Write a journal entry with six random facts about yourself. Then, pick six of your friends list and tag them - no tag backs. These rules should be included in your entry. 1. I love the taste of cinnamon Altoids, but they hurt my tongue after I eat them. 2. I have to share a room with my 12-year-old sister. 3. I have really, really long hair. I say I'm gonna cut it and donate it, but I still haven't. 4. I can't whistle. 5. I've never seen the Sound of Music. 6. I've got over 60 pictures with John Linnell in them saved on my computer. How lame is the fact that I don't have six friends to tag that haven't already been? Uhm...

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Hehe. Homestar is Scott Howard. XD


Coincidences are weird. I was reading on teh wiki about She Was a Hotel Detective and thinking about how I wish I could listen to it. I opened Clock Radio, and the first song that played was that one. I gave out candy at my grandma's house last night. My sister and my cousin Jess went as a spy and an equestrian. Candy is good. I was so hyper when we got home. I chased my sister around the house whipping her with a towel for like 15 minutes, until my mom yelled at us because she ran into the wall. She has marks on her legs. Heehee. We got the HD camera today. Nobody got to look at it except for Bob. He says he's giving us a challenge with/about it tomorrow. Fun times. Mock election debate's tomorrow too. Dressdown day. Yay! We can wear jeans and red, white, and blue stuff. It's gonna be funny. Each party's made a commercial. And the republicans are gonna have an awesome entrance. With a smoke machine and strobe lights (supposedly). And they're running into the auditorium through a big piece of paper. Like people do at football games.