Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A subject line!

The laptop's messed up. Well, my account on it is. Too long to explain it, but it stinks. All my files and junk are still there, though. My neck hurts. From gym class. We were playing Ultimate Frisbee when I felt something heavy and pointed strike me in the back of my neck. Actually, it was Kristen's elbow into the side of my neck. Around the top of my jaw/below my ear. It's like when you try to blow up a balloon, but you can't, and it hurts your neck. No Walk-a-thon this Friday. So it's two weeks from the 13th. And the next day is the Fall Bash. Mr. Wright said it should be the Fall Crash, and we'd all bring pillows and blankets and lay down and watch movies, since we all'll be so tired. DeviantArt depresses me. It's like having art class and sitting next to Steph, but a hundred times over. A ton of people draw good.

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