Monday, March 26, 2007

Today was a very good day.
I am now obsessed with Weird Al.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

School carnival's tomorrow. It shall be fun. The classes run the booths; 7-12 grade. My class's got four games. We're gonna have to blow up a ton of balloons for the dart throw tomorrow. Yay. I just went to eat with my cousins/parents/their parents/sister at a Mexican place. Casa Fiesta. I don't think I'm going to be eating anything any time soon. It was good food. I need to either read or listen to Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon by Bible class tomorrow. I am such a horrible procrastinator. *goes off to download audio of Bible-ness*

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3.14.07 is amazing. I love it. Very much. TOMORROW'S PI DAY!!! YAY! That means pie tomorrow in place of math class. Or, rather, in math class. I'm so happy. I hope there's cherry! In math today, Mr. Townsend opened the window because it's like 60 freaking degrees out. They're those skinny windows that're really tall and you have to crank to open. The screen wasn't in for some reason. He keeps all our turned in/graded papers in a file-like thing next to the window. He's opening the window and says all of a sudden "Oh no!" because a paper blew out the window onto the playground. I ran downstairs and outside. It was really windy. I found it though. It was Stephen Linden's. So I brought it back upstairs. He put the screen on. There were also static cling snowflake thingies on the window. And one fell off. So I went back downstairs again and outside, but I couldn't find it. The end. I actually love math class a little now. Mr. Townsend's leaving after this year though. Right when I started to really like and understand him and his teaching style too... I hope the new teacher next year keeps the physics class's traditiony thing of building rocket cars. I was looking forward to that. I am going to miss so many people next year. Mr. Spickler, Mr. Townsend. And all the seniors! Video class will be so much different and most likely more lamer. More lame. I will be sad when they are gone.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I've got a cold. I've got a cold. I've got a cold. Or maybe allergies. Naw; it's a cold. And it is dumb. I did absolutely nothing yesterday. Or today for that matter. Didn't go to church. Or to my aunt/uncle/cousins' house, which is where my family was for the vast majority of the day. I just layed around and watched tv. Both seasons/years of art class Survivor. That wasn't so bad. I watched random things from video class and its two weekly study halls that I'd burned to dvd for cherishing purposes. Not cherishing, really. For entertainment purposes. Like to watch Jeremy blow up a balloon with his nose. Didn't go to school today either. Bored, bored. I've not really been hungry all day today. I suspect the fluids in my head are draining into my stomach.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hall Monitors I and II! Brought to you by FBCS's finest. People. Yeah. So these are pretty much awesome. The first one was the very first thing video class ever did, at the beginning of the last school year. And the second's pretty much the most recent thing we've done. first one Sam's the guy getting repeatedly beaten up by TJ. And Kelly and Ashleigh and Bethanne and Andrew running out of the bathroom, respectively. Vince runs in. And that's Jeremy in the truck. Laughing. second one Greg's the guy whose face is smashed into the locker by TJ. Heather stealing some little kid's cupcake. Ashleigh as female monitor. Jeremy without hair. Man. Mike being clotheslined. ** Hurrah for better editing programs and cameras. From Windows Movie Maker and two Sony Handycams to Vegas Platinum and a HD camera. We still really need an external mic and a wireless mouse for the laptop. ** So, yeah. Open House's tonight. There's been a frantic fury of cleaning up-ness for the visitors this week. I don't have to stand by my science fair project board in the cafeteria with 9th grade and my class and the assorted seniors who had to take science this year. I get to stay upstairs in the science room with the nice computer and projector and smartboard and assorted Media Creations people. (We call it that sometimes because it sounds more sophisticated and important.) We shall be playing a loop of our latest stuff, which consists of Hall Monitor II, ER, A Look at Power Sabres, and the trailer for Power Seniors, a kind of sequel or continuation of the Power Sabres, but without me having to do cheesy embarassing karate-type stuff, for I'm not a senior. And our mock trial is going to be playing in Mr. Spickler's room. I haven't seen the whole thing, but we watched the "outtakes" at the beginning of history today. The plywood camel with two wigs and a purple cyclops cowboy hat was an excellent stand-in for Kristen as a jury member. I've given up on meticulously adding tags to my entries. Or titles. Or moods or locations or musics.

Saturday, March 3, 2007


I feel so... blah. And don't feel like writing anthing. Or doing anything. Although there's much stuff I need to write and/or do. And most likely will later. But *sigh* I feel totally and completely unmotivated and dull to everything. It is really strange.