Friday, September 29, 2006

Whoo. The internet works. Fastly. And guess what? After my sister's volleyball game the other day, my dad said there was something for me at home. I immediately assumed it was one of those kind of things where they think you're gonna be so so happy to get it, but it turns out to be your issue of Reader's Digest or something. So I was like "Yeah. Great." Not thinking that much of it. I get home, and my mom hands me Hello Radio. SHe said one of her daycare kid's dad said that he got it and knew he wouldn't listen to it much and knew I liked them, so he gave it to me. He's the one whose kid went the TMBG Kidsfest show that I turned down. *stupid* *stupid* So yeah. A list of them in a kind of order: Ana Ng Narrow Your Eyes Pet Name It's Not My Birthday Road Movie to Berlin Dead Another First Kiss Letterbox *after this they all start sucking* She's an Angel Don't Let's Start The End of the Tour Boat of Car They'll Need a Crane Doctor Worm I can't listen through Doctor Worm and They'll Need a Crane all the way. They're so bad. Ew.

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