Saturday, September 16, 2006

I am being forced to go work a my school's booth at the Apple Festival today from 4-6. It'll be ok, I guess. I'm trying to get my mom to go to the senior class's car wash today. Bob's got a dvd of all the Power Ranger stuff he's edited so far. I wanna see it! I have homework. Ugh. Algebra II. Factoring trinomials. It isn't hard, but it takes a freaking long time. I think I've already gone through three pages, front and back, and I'm only halfway done. Saturday morning cartoons are all dumb now. They used to be so much better. Oh. I have to write a rough draft of the Voice of Democracy essay thing by Monday. The topic this year is "Freedom's Challenge." Everyone in hichschool has to write one. I think I'm gonna liken Bertie Wooster's helplessness to the American public. Sort of. I hope it makes sense.

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