Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I don't like purple, but I think my journal looks cool. It's been three weeks since I sent in my order for the TMBG Merch store. Haven't gotten my Venue Songs/shirt yet. Could it be because I ordered the "Holiday Bundle"? Hey, they still have it on there. Once it's been over a month, I'm gonna email Them, I guess. Should I? One of my mom's daycare kids, Andrew, had on a tye-dyed Joe's Crabshack shirt today. Another kid, Nick, asked him where he got it. Andrew said he made it. (Total lie) Nick asked how. Andrew said "Like Easter eggs." Nick didn't get it. Andrew replied, "It's an ancient Chinese secret." Haha. The kid's only four. He must watch too much tv. Oh crap. House is on now. Well, I'ma go watch that. And then work on my John and John drawing. I entered it in the fair; it's next week, and I haven't worked on it any more since I posted it in . I gotta hurry. And I entered some dumb latch hook thing of a dog that I started about four years ago and is still not finished. I hate that thing. Also, a few months ago, I was walking to the library, past a cemetery, and I'm reading the gravestones, and I see one that says Linnell on it. Intersting. I keep forgetting to go take a picture of it, cause I wanna post it on here. But I have no digital camera, so I guess I'll have to bring the video camera and take a "picture" with that. *dances* It's Hughsday! It's Hughsday! *stops dance* *runs to living room*

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