Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Today has been great so far. I had a dream-ish sort of thing about TMBG; I was halfway awake though. Unfortunately, I can't remember much of it, other than Flans and Linnell being in my livingroom sitting on the couch next to me and me holding/playing with Linnell's 10-or-so month old baby boy. It wasn't Henry. I got up at about 10, I go into the livingroom where my mom and her four daycare kids are watching the Blues Clues I got from the library. The BlueStock one-- with Them doing Clap Your Hands. The kids love that song. When that part was over, my mom rewound it and played it again. And again. And again. And again. And again. Six times. They were all clapping and stomping and jumping and, unfortunately for me, screaming in an ear shattering tone. Then, my mom went to take my sister and her friend to volleyball practice at our school, and I had to watch two of the kids. Most times when I'm left alone with them, I put on Here Come the ABCs. They love the videos and songs for E Eats Everything, LMNO, ang Go for G!. All Flan's, I noticed. They lost interest, though; one got out his gameboy and the other watched him play Sponge Bob, or the Fairly Odd Parents, or something like that. If they want to go down into the playroom, let them, say I. All the better for me to watch the DVD in quietness.

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