Monday, August 7, 2006

Ew. Apparently, my sister just dropped her bottle of perfume on the kitchen floor, and it busted. My dad just came into the computer room and open the door to tell me I can't go in there. (Duh.) Now it smells really bad. I hate it. Twice-times apparently, Homestar has teeth. In other more important and way less nasty smelling stuff, I'm kinda depressed/angry/sad/happy. Yes, those can all happen at once. My Aunt Krystal and Uncle Pat and my cousins Ryan and Christopher flew over from Kansas on Thursday. Friday afternoon: I went to my firend's birthday party. Was fun. We played Catch Phrase, badmitton (is there a good mitton?), volleyball, Cranium, watched an episode of Gilligan's Island (The Skipper loses and then tries to win back Gilligan in turtle races against Mr. Howell), and went to a graveyard and played frisbee (I know; it sounds weird). Friday night: Right after getting back from the party, around 10:30, I went over to my grandma's house where all the family was. (My Aunt Diana and Uncle Danny and Cassie and Danielle came up from Columbus) And my other cousins Sarah, Derek, and Matt and my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Maria were there. And Aunt Brenda. And Grandma. Some of the adults and Derek played poker. Went home at 12:00. My sister went to spend the night at Aunt Maria's house with Cassie and Danielle. Ok, this is gonna be like an outline or timeline or telephone line or something. Saturday morning-ish: At 3:00, most of my cousins, except for Sarah and Derek, and some of my aunts/uncles went to see Pirates of the Caribbean II. Very neat, but a little too cheesy - eg. the cages and water wheel. I sat next to my sister and Danielle- her watch broke somehow, and made this loud vibrating noise for about 10 minutes. Saturday evening: After the movie we all went back to my grandma's house. We ate dinner over there. Spaghetti. Played 5 or 6 person solitare. THAT is fun. Even though I miss a ton of plays. It's so fast. At about 9:15, we all went over to my aunt Maria and uncle Bruce's house. Had a bonfire and played hide and seek. Had to go home at 10:30 or so cause of church. Sunday morning: Went to church at 9:30. Got home at 12:15. Went to Grandma's house again; everyone was there. Had lunch: grilled foodstuffs: hotdogs; hamburgers; chicken. Weird punctuation is fun. We watched part of Anchorman. Played an old NASCAR game on the N64. At 5:30, me and my mom and my sister and my cousin Cassie went to our church's vacation Bible school. My sister and cousin were, erm, students, and my mom and I helped. Me with the crafts; she being a group leader. We had about 20 kids which was pretty good considering how small our church is. It was really fun. Sunday night: Got back to Grandma's house at about 9. We played solitare, Uno, and Phase 10. Card games rule. Poor Chris. When we played Phase 10, we'd skip him every time we could. No specific reason why. He never made it past phase 1. Went home late; my sister spent the night at Aunt Brenda's house with some...people. Quietness. It was nice. Monday morning: At about 11:30, I left with Uncle Pat to go to Aunt Brenda's house to go to Monsoon Lagoon- a waterpark/mini-golf/go-kart/bumper-boat place. Me, Kara, Cassie, Danielle, Matt, Christopher, Ryan, Uncle Pat, Aunt Krystal, and Aunt Diana went. We swam for the first two/three hours, then ate lunch. Went on the go-karts once, then back in the pool. They had a lazy river thing that was really fun; the current pushed you along and ya didn't have to do anything. Me and Cassie and Matt and Kara went on teh bumper boats; mine was the only one whose water gun worked. That was good. We went on the go-karts a few more times and then all played mini-golf. I have to say, it was the most boring and dumb course I've ever played at. Every hole was pretty much teh same. No windmill obstacles or anything like that. Then we went home. Monday night: We went back to Grandma's hose again to eat a late dinner; it was about 8. Leftovers. We started to play Phase 10 again, but my mom came and my sister and I had to leave. Chris and Ryan are leaving tomorrow morning, well, I guess now it's this morning, to fly back to Kansas. I really wish I coulda been with them more, although after reading this, you'd think I spent every waking moment with them. That's the depressed bit. And the sad. The happy was doing all the aforementioned stuff. Angry is my mom making us leave so early even though Aunt Brenda said she would take us home later. Oh. One thing: on the car ride to the waterpark and back, my cousin Cassie had a hollow egg that she'd blown the yoke and egg white out of. It was painted. And she named it something insanely hilarious that I completely forgot, and it's driving me insane. Will hafta ask my sister in the morning. Any way, she put make-up on the egg. Don't look at me like that. It was FUNNY. And here is a comic from this Sunday's paper that is great. Props to anyone who made it all the way through. Leave me a comment.

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