Monday, October 23, 2006

vox pop

"So I said 'Why don't you shove it where the sun don't shine' and so he did. He put it in the cupboard under the stairs and it hasn't been mentioned since." - Stephen Fry Uh...heard there's a new SBemail. I shall go watch it presently. We did Taebo in gym class today. Also known as "excercise that makes everyone feel like a idiot." It didn't help that Mr. Spieth and Mr. Frymier were up on the deck fixing stuff. They watched us and kept laughing. It was fun. Ugh. I've got three tests to do tomorrow: two to make up from when I was sick, and another one. Fun. I have become obsessed with Hugh more so than I was before. (If that's possible) Yesterday, I watched Blackadder's Christmas Carol, the first episode of Blackadder the Third: Dish and Dishonesty, then the Christmas Carol again, then the end-ish part of 101 Dalmations where Horace and Jasper beat themselves up, then tiny bits of Stuart Little 2. Yeah.

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