Monday, October 16, 2006

Back from my sister's volleyball game. It was dumb. Her team won, but it took three games. They shoulda won in two. They played bad. I thought, anyway. No real refs or stuff. Ick. PODCAST 8A! Finally. I love Flans's voice. But where's the Mohegan Sun? Editing was really fun today. Especially doing the voiceovers. Mostly grunting, "hiyata"s, and the like. We were in the science lab; Bob borught his computer and monitor in and Jeremy brought just his monitor so we could preview stuff on that screen. Sony Vegas is very cool. Pretty simple to use, too. I got to stay up there all day with Bob and Jeremy. And Sam too, for most of the time. Mrs. Clark made us hot chocolate with marshmallows. At the end of the day, when I went downstairs to give Jeremy his monitor back, he and Mrs. Clark were wheeling a cart with a ton of new stuff for Video Class on it. We got a laptop, two new computer/stuff cases, two tripods (YES! No more tape and pipe cleaners holding the camera in position!), and some blank tapes. We're getting a HD camera too, but it didn't come in today. Whee. We get to play with the laptop tomorrow. Yay! It's extremely shiny. I have one of the video cameras. I shall upload some random clip. First one's of Jeremy and Sam messing with the "green screen"... with the blanket, ok, it's just a blanket.

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