Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Noooooo! No more House until October 31st. Freaking World Series. I lied. The picture of Linnell isn't from the beginning of the song. It's in the middle. During Gary C's big maracca solo thing. I asked Mr. Townsend for the grade sheet back today. More than once. He didn't have it. So no pictures. I like typing like this. But I'm not going to any more. We figured what was wrong with my typing thing today. It was me. Rather, my lack of reading skills. After saying to "key" lines something to something, it said to do other ones too. I don't get why they just couldn't say to do all of them at the same time. I'm dumb. Everybody lost the volleyball games. Every single one. But it was still fun. Hanged out with Sam, Bob, Marie, Miss Reeves, Kristin, Sara, Mandy. Mostly Bob and Sam though. Sam taped the Varsity game. I got STD from the library. The CD. Hah. I'd requested it. I got it, and I was happy because it looked all new and whatnot. And it was. Re-released on Zoe Records. It's very cool. And the liner notes smell nice. I foud it interesting that on the back, it says "Free mp3s and podcasts now and forever at tmbg.com." I wish I had the old release of it to compare it to. Man. I get excited about things way too easily. Power Rangers stuff was filmed during 7th period, not after school. Well, not filmed. More like rehearsed. It took too long for us to get all our stuff on and to try to get the camera to work that we didn't have time. But, it was extremely funny to see 6'5" Sam in black leather pants, a black mock turtle neck shirt, long, elbow length white gloves, and a Power Rangers lying completely stretched out on a cart like this only made out of all metal, with Jeremy dressed in green standing on the back, like it was a shopping cart, rolling across the school parking lot and pretending to bowl over Tony and Chris, who were playing henchmen. Me and Ashleigh couldn't stop laughing. If I can geta video of it, I'll totally put it up here. It was the funniest thing I've seen in a long, long time. I gotta go take a shower and go to bed. Bye.

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