Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hugh L on Thanksgiving: "Back in England, we don't give thanks. We mourn the loss of the colonies."

Man, that quote was hard to fit into the subject line. I went to the Thanksgiving dinner my church was having last night. I ate alot of good food. Jonathan and Ian and Spencer and I did math problems on the white board in the youth room. It's like completely full of numbers now. It was fun. But I didn't get any dessert because we were doing stuff with that until the service started, and there wasn't any time. I got a piece of apple pie though. It tasted kinda vinegar-y. I have nothing to do today. I think. Oh, I have to clean my room. School yesterday was fun. Parts of it were, anyway. In gym, Deanna brought everyone donuts. And then we played football again. Football's boring. In science, we'd brought in a bunch of stuff for a party without telling the teacher, and we were trying to figure out a way for her to think that we thought it was her birthday so she'd let us watch a movie and stuff. Emily volunteered to go into the bathroom and make herself cry so we cold get Mrs. Warkentien out of the room and set the things up. We talk to her, though, before she went to check on Emily in the bathroom, and she was like "Yeah, sure. I don't care." So someone went and got Emily from the bathroom. She'd actually made herself cry, and mascara was all dripping down her face. We watched the Beverly Hillbillies; apparently, Start Little 2 has too much "language" in it. Haha. Mr. Spickler, my government teacher, is funny: "While you study, I'll practice carrying heavy loads on my head for when the Muslims take over."

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