Friday, August 18, 2006

Yesterday was a wonderful day. And very TMBG-full. Venue Songs and my shirt came in the mail. Finally. I'd mailed my order form in with that maze I made printed on the other side of it, for some reason. Someone started to write something on the packing slip thing that came with it. "Hey lady L" like they were gonna write something else. Strange. Venue Songs is great. I'd only heard the ones that were on the podcast and two others that were free tunes. My favorite one is Santa Cruz. It's so hard for me to remember the songs by their city names. I like the videos for Mr. Smalls and The Egg, er, Vancouver?, no Pittsburgh, and Albany. Two of my mom's daycare kids were watching it this morning with me, Pittsburgh- Richard's on Richards. The five year old boy, Nick, turns to Andrew, who's four, and says "Isn't she hot? That girl." Andrew says something like "I don't want to marry her." What is with little kids and knowing stuff like that? They shouldn't. Went to the mall last night. Wore my TMBG shirt, of course. Got a bunch of clothes for school and a pair of shoes. I can't stand shoe stores and the like. All the mirrors and glass tables give me a headache. I start to feel all sweaty and woozy when I see mirror's reflections out of the corner of my eye. It is strange and not fun. While my dad was in Steve and Barry's, I walked over to Best Buy. Found the BlueStock dvd that my mom said she'd buy for the daycare kids if I found it anywhere. So I got that too. I'm gonna make some icons soon from the Clap Your Hands on that and from Venue Songs. My mp3 player's up to 440 TMBG, Mono Puff, or John Linnell tracks.

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