Saturday, September 26, 2009

shut up shut up shut up

on the legalization of marijuana

I really don't care if it is or isn't, the same people are going to do the same things regardless, basically, and complications and problem'll exist whether it's kept illegal or it is, a lot of time and resources are spent on controlling/policing/cracking down on users. If it's made legal, the same difficulties and restrictions that accompany cigarettes and alcohol will still be there. My personal preference, though, I suppose, would be that it not be legalized, I am not a fan of anything that screws with people's senses of reality/impairs/distorts judgement.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

a big sentence

Don't want this to go a month without an entry so.

Wrote this for woofer
which is a beefier, 10x-ier version of twitter.

So the other day I did this thing and it was really cool. A lot of characters. And then so I'm David Foster Wallace and this sentence is going to be a million letters and Hal Incandenza is pretty fascinating and Mario's adorable with his S-shape arms and police lock and ever-present smile, generally being a cool kid, overall, is what Mario is; Hal's interesting and etc, he seems like me, only I'm infinitely less talented, I get Gately too though I've never done drugs or alcohol or whatever, and Eredy with his preparations for executions of quitting and stopping but never completely totally cutting off means of re-starting up that thing, telling yourself over and over that you're done and it's ruining you and the things you care about but you lie to yourself and believe it to a good enough extent, it's like doublethink maybe, for me it's not anything as exciting as cocaine, just procrastination and like putting off things to the point where I majorly screw stuff up or don't do whatever as well as I could, but what I do do is always enough or satisfactory because everything I do is stupidly satisfactorily okay and that's it, but then yes that bug in Eredy's steel grid shelving is great and amazing and is kind of symbolic, in my mind, at least, of every important and vital and big thing and the world in general sort of, that bug hiding in that hole and doing its unseen secret things.