Thursday, April 30, 2009


Build up build up BUILD UP LETDOWN.

I don't have things to say! I am lacking in thoughts.

WAIT. Supernovakgirl says PANTS. So I will blog about PANTS.

Pants are the best. No pants are also fantastic. You've got your parachute pants, hot pants, your jodhpurs. Boot-cut, flared, wide-leg, cigarette, skinny jeans. I am a fan of the more leisurely pants, myself. Pajama pants are great. Flannel. Sport pants, wind pants, whatever they are called. Those are my favorite.

And of course, there is the tale of my childhood and its abundance of #nopants. Can you have an abundance of an absence of something? I DO BELIEVE YOU CAN. As a child, I enjoyed the sandbox. So much so that I thought it necessary to remove my pants in order to be one with the sand. And in my excitement, in my three year old frenzy of sheer and utter joy, I bolted into the front yard, where our kindly old neighbor across the street, Mr. Browning, hollered GO BACK IN YOUR HOUSE AND PUT SOME PANTS ON.

So there's that.


Suchducks is great. She likes They Might Be Giants, Neutral Milk Hotel, the Mountain Goats, the Decemberists, the Colbert Report, the Daily Show, the Deranged Millionaire, Anderson Cooper, Craig Ferguson, and beards. Her awesomeness is undeniable.

That is all.

So today is the last day of #BEDA. I will miss the hashtags, I will miss the 11:30 realizations and consequent fits of panic and chaos. I will miss my amazingly lovely, great BEDA buddies. It's been really awesome reading all your blogs and getting to know you guys, and I hope we will keep in touch, which is fantastically easy online. Hooray for twitter!

So, in conclusion:



  1. yes!! hooray for twitter! i will continue to follow your blog!
    *right this second i am subscribing to this page, because i kept forgetting in the past. :)

    i think there was some build up, at least you didn't just say
    "it's over, i'll be seein you."

  2. #nopants is just how we do it. But yeah, I'm going to miss BEDA too, you guys were all lovely, we definitely need to stay in touch - twitter and otherwise.

  3. I hate swishy pants, they are too noisy. Ninjas would never wear swishy pants.

    Also, thank you for blogging about how great suchducks is. All of those things can be said about you too, dearest valerie2776.

  4. you had #nopants down before it was cool, that's awesome :-p

    YES! creepy John smile thumbnail! That was the best.

  5. Love that you spent a good portion of this post on PANTS. I have equal love for your NO PANTS story.

    #nopants ftw!

    & as I have said before, the internet stalking will continue!

  6. BEDA was fun, anticlimactic or not. =)


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