Monday, April 13, 2009

my day, very quickly. and lacking very many personal pronouns

Again, thisisnottom has consumed my evening, and even more so than normal with all these John revelations and aaaah!

Nothing planned to talk about, so I'll just do a rundown of my day. Or something. Hah. When I get going really quickly/hurriedly, I leave out first halves of sentences. Like 'nothing planned to talk about'. I HAVE nothing planned. This is not helping the pace, the explaining. GAH!

Woke up, laid in bed, was confused by the apparent time on my cellphone. Was early. Went back to sleep, sort of. Was too paranoid about missing the alarm to actually fall asleep, ended up checking said phone many, many times, thinking it was about an hour later than it actually was. Finally got up, blah, blah, went to math class.

Had to sit around campus for two hours afterward because my mother is doing some kind of work training thing this week and next, so my dad had to pick me up, which he could not do until after work, which was late. Sat in the medical-y building (they have nice chairs), started Slaughterhouse-Five (WHICH IS SO GOOD). Listened to TMBG's 85 demo tape, went over to another building to get lunch (cinnamon roll and Mountain Dew Code Red [healthy, yes]), went back to science-y building.

Read more Vonnegut. Got an @realjohngreen text on mah phone. Big secret blog show. Distressed, a little. Read more. Father came. Went home. Got on blog. John says, amidst noise of some bleach ad "kigottagobye". CRAP. Got filled in. WHOA. WOW WOW WOW. Brain shut down for a while. Worked through, figured out (most of) everything (that we know of) with the leftover blogtv peoples. Alex cleared more up. Good. Talked more. Maureen show started. Watched.

TINT update. WHOA WHOA WHOA again. Work work work, and that is now done. And then thinking. And then foruming. And skype chatting. And file sending. And also story printing. Because that seems important now.

And that is all.

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