Saturday, April 4, 2009

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o hai there internets. I really do not feel like writing or thinking or forming words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into blogs. Not at this moment, nope. But it is BEDA, and BEDA means DOING IT, so I SHALL PERSEVERE. Expect many random bursts of capslock, because that is how I am feeling.

Today was pretty fun and full and expensive. I went into Oberlin with my mother, went to a few bookstores. The first was awesome, Ben Franklin's Five and Dime, I think it was called. Lots of old books. It smelled fantastic. I was looking for a used copy of Catcher in the Rye or Slaughterhouse-Five or Leaves of Grass or Brave New World, but alas. I did get a book of e.e. cummings poetry though and read some of it in the car later. Crazy stuff. Probably a third of them, I don't even know AT ALL what he's getting at, but the ones that I do get make me feel brilliant, though I am, in fact, NOT. First thing I ever read by him was "anyone lived in a pretty how town" in 11th grade or something, and it was the first poem that I LIKE liked. The crazy punctuation and spacing and spelling and combining words things he does are fantastic. It seems like a lot of literature is missing out on those fronts, they could be so much more powerful, I mean the way the text is presented has a lot to do with the intensity/mood of it. GET ON IT, PUBLISHING INDUSTRY. More creative text presentation. Heck yes.

Went to another store, I found Slaughterhouse-Five and a copy of Leaves of Grass, which I am very excited about reading. I found ONE COPY OF PAPER TOWNS (one?! really? that's it?!?) and stuck a nerdfighter note in there. And then we walked over to this really nifty art place, the Ginko Gallery; it's a sweet space, full of local artists' work, all kinds of different media. Lots of beautiful glass blowings, wire mobiles, soap (cinnamon and oatmeal OM NOM NOM), jewelery, carvings, paintings, it was excellent.

We then went over to my cousins' house. One of whom, Abby, had just gotten a baby goat a few days ago. It was adorable. It already knew its name. It was very dog-like. It licked everything. It was great.

Typing typing typing, I do not see the scroll bar yet, and that is the sign of a good blog, or a long enough blog, or an adequate blog according to Blaze. :P Ahhh come on come on I have no more thoughts ohh I want to stop blah blah blah OH THERE WE ARE GOODBYE

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  1. yay for nerdfighter notes and finding good books cheap =)

    I went by Blaze's scroll bar (SUPER SCROOLLL! LOL) rule also. Good to know that even when we have nothing to say we still have something to say...if only for the sake of the thing that wasn't a thing until about a week ago.


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