Sunday, April 5, 2009

reseeding points lives

Dear BEDA-ers, do not not not ever EVER watch an entire season of America's Next Top Model. Not even for the lulz. My brain. It does not feel well.

That one girl, C-something, WHAT AN IDIOT. Me me me me they just don't understand my style everyone is ganging up on my because they're intimidated by my strength and beauty and drive and skills NO. NO. YOU ARE RIDICULOUSLY ARROGANT AND DISILLUSIONED.

And then the girl with lupus. That must be horrible. But her attitude! She's got the most amazing outlook and such a strong, positive spirit. Her face radiates joy. Pretty freaking awesome.

Also April, she's very calculating, precise, almost mechanical. She studies, analyzes, thinks, and does exactly what is needed. More like she's acting as a model than BEING a model. If that makes sense. I get that. I'm that way. But less determined. I have less drive. I am too lazy. Hah.

Plus Shandy who was never loved or accepted by her family, really. Only person she can confide in is her boyfriend. But OOPS. She cheated on him with one of the Vespa dudes. GREAT JOB. Her boyfriend is still great and supportive though. Though he was kind of insanely mad at first which YEAH. Stupid, stupid girl. She was lonely and needed someone to care about her, and apparently she thought Italian boy did. Good judgement, oh YEAH.

And then there's the rooster-haired one who looks like Anne Hathaway. The actress. Not the wife of Shakespeare.

Good golly, everything is hypocritical. Tyra's got all this stuff she does with young girls and self-esteem and being happy with who they are and what they look like, then she does this song and music video that's all sexualized and sex sex sex almost animalistic image image image immodesty yeah yeah yeah. Gahhhhh!

Depressing television.

Maaaan, I have no idea why I've been sitting here all day watching this. Must combat with Whitman or something.

I think the Oxygen network is the antithesis of everything I am or have ever cared about ever.

That is all.


  1. I can't believe I just read a whole blog post about America's Next Top Model.

  2. I can't believe I just WROTE a whole blog post about America's Next Top Model D:

  3. Shandi was robbed that season! She should have won the whole season, but the show used the whole cheating-on-her-boyfriend-and-the-angst-that-produced pretext to send her home. (Although that phone call was hard to watch. For reals.) And yes, Tyra is a sanctimonious know-it-all hypocrite. She drives me batty. I agree about April. Thinking too much the whole time. I liked Mercedes too (lupus girl). She's in some TV commercial that's airing a lot right now. Oh, and the C-girl is Camille. Camille of the signature walk and making up her own dialogue during the acting challenge. She was unbelievable. (Or did you mean Catie, the one who cried cried cried when her hair got cut and who got upset when that stylist said she looked like a hooker? I think you mean Camille).

    Oh, wait. Did I just write a whole comment about America's Next Top Model? That's not cool or nerdfighter-like, is it? Delete. (Or not.)


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