Wednesday, April 22, 2009

quick bedodododo

Very fast. Tomorrow is going to be heavy. 8 pages of final project to show teacher in graphic design, not totally done, but I think that'll be ok.

Then math test. Not ok. No no no. I can't do it. Cannot memorize all the things that I need to. My mind does not work that way. Too much information to digest and analyze and process. Waaaay too much.

And THEN. Then I have a geography test, which will be fine because he read off the questions and answers on Tuesday, and last time, all I did was read over everything I'd written down once, and all was good. So that will be good. But it's very stressful. Makes me uneasy. Blerughh.

Then this weekend, I need to make a 15 minute powerpoint presentation on the history of Cedar Point, which I must then give on Tuesday. Buh.


  1. I hope all your tests went well and your presentation also. You're probably a lot better at math than I am (which I guess technically isn't hard as I'm crap at it but still, I'm sure it all went ok).

  2. i hope all of your tests went well! sorry i haven't commented the past few days, just got busy with stuff. but i'm back!

  3. I hope your final project was received well and your tests went well. Also good luck on your presentation!


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