Saturday, April 18, 2009

more websites. and then i woke up!

I only have 20 minutes to do this, so AAAAH. Hello beda buddies :D I've had fun reading your blogs. They are fantastic. And now I feel like crap for the suckiness of this one. But they will get better! If I can stop procrastinating!


1) sStuff White People Like - Everything they say is true. So, so true. Ugly sweater parties, funny or ironic tattoos, black music that black people don't listen to any more, hummus, frisbee sports...

2) Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves - Don't put that chihuahua in a skirt! No. Don't! Just, don't.

I know, I know he looks happy. But he's just putting on a brave face. Inside, his soul is slowly dying.

3) Music + Pixels! - Dude (or lady) takes user-suggested song lyrics and graphic-art-izes them. So pretty.

4) todayandtomorrow - Lots of awesome, beautiful, elegant, sharp designs/architecture/photos/whatnot. One of my favorite sites for pretty things.

5) - photos and descriptions of cutting-edge product packaging. I'm a sucker for this stuff.

this is THE most beautiful things I have ever seen. Without a doubt my favorite picture of all time. So gorgeous.

6) lowercase l - blog of pictures of signs, papers, posters, notes, graffiti with the oh-so-weird and peculiarly common lowercase l amidst all capital letters.

AND also! I did this today:

utilizing Famous Alan and Wheezywaiter's Build-A-Blog project resources


  1. Again, great collection of websites. I really like the pictures on Music + Pixels. You should check out Stuff, it's the same as Stuff White People Like only with Journalists, also very entertaining.

  2. i love your blog! i've had a wonderful time subscribing to all of these blogs you recommend. :D

    oh and i love wheezy waiter, like a fangirl loves charlieissocoolike.

    *bedabuddy jessicarae.

  3. Woo Music + Pixels! I've stumbled upon it in the past, but you've just reminded me of it! I love it when I find graphical representations of some of my fave songs on there <3

    Your build-a-blog is highly amusing ^^ & Congrats on Famous Alan subbing to you :D


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