Friday, April 17, 2009

bee's wits

Alright alright alright. I should think of things throughout the day to talk about, yes I should. Alas.

I suppose I will share some of my favorite blog-based websites with you. There are so many greatawesomeweird things floating out there 'round the series of tubes, and a lot of it is crap. I will not be showing you any of those sites, because that would be stupid and pointless. And while I am, in general, a big fan of stupid and pointless, you are probably not. So here are some good un-stupid and anti-pointless sites.

1) - this site collects and displays found stuff. Notes, drawings, cards, letters, reports, pictures, lists, homework, what-have-you. In addition to the physical magazines they sell, the site is updated each day with two new finds. The brilliance/hilariousness/beauty of discarded or lost objects is astounding. Each contains a whole world, a unique back story; so fun to imagine the circumstances behind every piece. One of my recent favorites:

2) labeltheworld - There is this guy. He labels things. All things. I don't know why, but I often find myself crying from laughter at some of the pictures. Things toying with scale crack me up.

3) MANBABIES! - Gosh, I love this site, though I am surprised it hasn't induced any nightmares. Yet. Photoshopped pictures swapping men and baby heads. FANTASTIC.

4) - Quite possibly my favorite site ever. Ohhh, the lolz.

Wildly bearded hobo riding rusty bicycle and wearing only one shoe and parachute pants: Why, hello miss. Would you be interested in entering into a mutually beneficial body massage arrangement?
Surprised, redheaded woman: Uhhhhh, not today, thank you.
Hobo: I'll try back later.

Queen West

5) Cake Wrecks - Crappy, terrifying, disturbing, hilariously bad cake decoration/designs. The commentary is fantastically witty and great as well.

6) 100waystokillapeep - This.

7) lunchbagart - There is this guy. He draws things. On paper lunch bags. They are majestic:

I didn't even make it a third of the way down my feed list. Perhaps I shall talk about more another day. But it is 11:56 now, and I gots to hurry.

Ok ok ok I am done.

That is all.

EDIT: Oh hey! I post all of my most favorite pictures/videos/quotes/pages/etc I stumble across/upon here You should look!


  1. Awesome! I'd heard of most of those sites, but have yet to visit some. Sound like great sites for when you're bored.

  2. these are some wonderful sites. My favourite one is labeltheworld. Some of those are hilarious!

  3. So many awesome sites! I will never get anything done! Manbabies makes me laugh SO. HARD.

    *follows you on tumblr*



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