Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Allow me to compensate for that well-thought out blog yesterday with terrible, horrible, late, crap crap today.

I forgot about BEDA. This is late. I blame thisisnottom. And also myself. Mostly myself. I was hoping to get through this without any late days (late = my computer's clock says 12:00 or greater). BUT ALAS.

At least I was doing something awesome, though. I could have been...doing art history homework. THAT would have been lame.

Tomorrow/today I am going to see 1984! At my college! Performed by people! And I am skipping my morning classes for this! And it only cost me 6 dollars! And 3 hours of time to work on my graphic design things! And one math lesson (which I am honestly a little bit terrified of the consequences of).

Just read 1984 a few weeks ago, and I LOVED IT. So I am SUPER PSYCHED to be able to see this HOORAY.

I want to talk about TINT, but I don't want to think or expend the brain power necessary to do so. So. Suffice it to say (suffices to say?) that it is confusing and terrifying and ridiculously interesting and complicated and growing and expanding and hard and fun.

That is all.

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