Thursday, April 23, 2009

mountains and things

I have forgotten about this again. Sorry :/

On the way home from school today, I was looking out the window, and the sunset was amazing, and the clouds, they'd formed an awesome kind of wall of darkness, up until a certain height, almost all the way around. It reminded me of the mountains in Tennessee, waking up every morning and going out onto the balcony porch, sitting on the swing, taking in the sunrise. And everywhere in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge, anywhere, you were always surrounded by mountains in the distance. Not overbearing, just barely there, an amazing backdrop. And it made you feel tiny. But not insignificant. Made you feel free. You were so small and the world was so huge, you were dwarfed by the hills, hills you were never aware of or acknowledged in your entire life until you were there in the midst of them. But they were always there, have always been, always will be. And also, whenever we go up near Lake Erie, you can see the vastness of the water as a 1/3 sky, a huge unending stripe of water out in front of you, almost as if it is above you, like it should come flowing down the streets, sweeping away everything and you in its path. But no, it just sits there, this monolithic thing.

So I tried to imagine that those clouds were mountains, came so so close to fully believing it. But alas.

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  1. You write nice. :]

    Seriously though, I really like how you write. Especially this post. It's beautifully descriptive and poetic.


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