Friday, August 4, 2006

The next um... 15 songs on my mp3 player on shuffle: 1)Finished with Lies - TMBG 2)Twisting (Live) - TMBG 3)Stalk of Wheat (Dial-A-Song) - TMBG 4)Feast of Lights - TMBG 5)The Bells Are Ringing - TMBG 6)Stalk of Wheat - TMBG 7)Unrelated Thing - TMBG 8)James K. Polk - TMBG 9)Stormy Pinkness (Live) - TMBG 10)Which Describes How You're Feeling - TMBG 11)Fingertips - TMBG 12)Particle Man (Live Stylophone) - TMBG 13)Dirt Bike (Other Thing) - TMBG 14)Robot Parade (Adult Version) - TMBG 15)32Footsteps - TMBG --------------------------- Craig stuff: "Y2K. Remember that crap? The only thing Y2K brought me is 60 cases of big beans in my basement." -Talking about how the music is what makes sharks scary- "Da-da-da-here-comes-a-shark-it's-really-gonna-bite-ya." "I'm not originally form LA..... I thought you knew!" "Cats are lovely. They might like playing with a bit of yarn, but if you die in the middle of the night, it will eat you." -about Mel Gibson's DUI- "I haven't had this much fun since Dick Cheney shot his lawyer. We at late night tv live for this stuff." Personally, I'm getting sick of it. "MTV's Cribs is like an infomercial for burglars." And on Jimmie Kimmel <- that is how you spell it; I looked ->, Guierrmo and Uncle Frank went to the circus and dressed up as clowns. Guierrmo: "I'm supposed to be a chef, but I look like I'm pregnant." ---------------------- I'm going to a birthday party later today. That should be fun. That's all.

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