Sunday, August 15, 2010

things that are pleasurable for a finite amount of time and then make you feel bad

a list (these are not all from personal, firsthand experiences but some are and some i am feeling the effects of this very moment)
  • chinese food
  • weed
  • twilight
  • killing someone
  • making fun of nerdfighter secrets
  • drinking
  • smacking maddie in the face
  • cookie dough ice cream debate
  • memes
  • sleeping for a day
  • emotional breakdown on twitter
  • letting your dog drive the car
  • listening to hindsight is 20/20 for 2 hrs on repeat
  • busting loose
  • amusement park water ride
  • skipping drawing class (no mom this is a sometimes hypothetical not from experience list)
  • watching the next food network star
  • chewing on a silly band
  • taking all the clothes out of your dresser
  • walking to the post office in 95 degree weather and wearing 2 shirts
  • kick a ababy@


  1. watching the next food network star is always pleasurable.

  2. hind sight is 20/20. i shouldn'ta drank that many. ahh gonna be stuck in my head. love it so much.


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