Tuesday, August 10, 2010

objects or ideas or places or people

Thank you for your suggestions everyone.
  • Goats: I like goats. They make cute faces and noises and sometimes they have cute little beards. And the Mountain Goats, duh. They are little garbage disposals. I want a goat in my back yard; I would feed it glue and milk it and make soap.
  • Number Two Pencils: They are ok. I used to always wonder why they were number two and not number one or number fifteen or something, but then I took art classes, and they're 2B pencils, right? That is what that is, isn't it? I'm not really sure, but I don't want to know either, so don't look it up on google or tell me. Just. Be cool. Number two pencils always the enigma. Please.
  • Shoes: I LOVE SHOES!!!!!! I always buy just running shoes, though. They are nice and they make you feel all tippy toey and like you could do a jig any time, any where.
  • My Favorite John Green Video: Yes I like my favorite John Green video! It is this one. But my mom said no.
  • Bagels: I like bagels. I eat them all day long. They are good with peanut butter; they are good with cream cheese; they are good with eggs. Bagels bagels bagels.
  • Fortune Cookies: BOGUS!
  • Airplanes: I could really use a wish right now wish right now wish right now. Not really. I have flown on one airplane to Kansas and back and I liked it. I would like to fly on more airplanes for longer distances. And during the day, though the night was pretty too.
  • Mice: I love mice because Sara doesn't like them at all and they make her do hilarious tweets on twitter dot com.
  • Beaches: I like beaches. I've only been to beaches on Lake Erie, so my beach knowledge/appreciation is pretty limited. But they are good places to take pictures and to smell rotting fish and to step on rotting fish with your bare foot :(
Again, I thank you for your suggestions of words for me to give my opinion of. Where is that last preposition supposed to go? I do not know.
Thank you and good day.


  1. 1. BUT MY MOM SAID NO. Rofl. Rofl. Rofl. I love B2.0 videos<3 I should probably rewatch them sometime.

    2. When I was in elementary school, we did this geography scavenger hunt thing one time, and one of the places that I had to identify was Lake Erie, only there was a typo, and it said Lake Eric on the paper, and there's no Lake Eric, and if it hadn't been for that typo, I would have won, cause I knew where Lake Erie was...

    3. I think, maybe..."Again, I thank you for your suggestions of words for me to give of my opinion. I think? Maybe?

  2. what can i say i like rainbows

  3. I George Foreman'd a chicken, ham, Gouda and mayo bagel today. It was as delicious as it was epic.

    That is all.


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