Wednesday, August 18, 2010

man babies

I don't know what to write about; there is 10 minutes until midnight. I decided that I'm making the every day part of BEDA mean before I go to sleep and not actually the day day like before midnight because otherwise all of my blogs ever will be rushed.

But today I want to finish before midnight, mostly so I can see how many words I can type in ten minutes.

If I had things to say! Uh! I don't know!

I like children a lot if they are nice children and not bratty; you really can tell a lot about a family/parents by how their kid acts. There's such a wide spectrum of kid behavior, and in my opinion it's pretty much all a result of how they're raised. I've known a lot of babies and children and have seen a lot of them grow up into like 8th graders and etc; my mom has done daycare from our house for a long long time. But now she's stopping that and has slowly been slowing down over the past year or so and now only has two or three days with kids left and then she's done. But anyway, it makes me feel so old. A child that I held when it was a few weeks or months old is now in 3rd or 4th or 5th grade? Something like that. And obviously I've been around to see people who are a lot older than that now be born, but I have a specific memory of holding him and watching him when he was so little, I remember it exactly. And my mom has watched him this whole time up until a year or so ago, and he still sometimes comes over, and to see someone grow from that to this, to have them around a lot, but not being related to them, to see how they change as they get older, their mannerisms emerge and they mature and what they like and etc, because you don't have that kind of influence that you'd normally have if you were around a kid that much, they're someone else's, I don't know, IT'S JUST WEIRD.

That didn't make much sense, but I guess what I am trying to say is that it is so weird to see someone grow up. Things always feel the same to me and I don't like change and I like routine and sometimes I get so involved in that that being reminded by this kind of a simple thing, the "wow, you've grown!" is so jarring at times and amazing and strange and I almost feel privileged to be in a position where I can witness something like that, but now that's going away mostly and I will miss it but I won't miss when the kids slam down the toilet lid at 7am and wake me up.


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