Friday, August 6, 2010

african safari wildlife park cute fun thing

I am not looking forward to attempting to embed pictures on this dang blogger/blogspot blog! I would much rather do this on tumblr, but all my BEDA blogs are going on here so oh well. Deal w/it, self.

Today I got up at like 7:30 A REASONABLE HOUR, actually EARLY, and I'd gotten a full night's sleep beforehand too! What is happening! But I got up because we were going to breakfast at Bob Evan's, and we did; we picked up our cousins Abby and Jess and went to Bob Evan's and there was a lady in the parking lot who thought she was a car I guess and I said A GREAT BUZZKILL. Arka/Maddie would be proud.

Holy crap blogger you are so bad at images.

So we ate at Bob Evan's and it was really good and I got one of the things that has a little of everything bc I adore breakfast foods.

Then we went to African Safari Wildlife Park which is a park for wildlife that you can drive through in your car or van and you get a little bucket of feed pellets that if an animal grabs the bucket you are supposed to LET GO. And I had the bucket and right when we pulled in and started through the thing and got to the part where you could roll down your windows and feed the animals, an alpaca grabbed my bucket and I tried to not let him have it but he pulled really hard and took it and then we had no more food for the rest of the drive through except for all the pellets that were flung on my lap and in the front seat and one got stuck in the air conditioner vents oops.

The animals could come quite close to us, you can tell. They stuck their heads inside the van a lot of times.

Also I just took a nap and slept too long and it's 12:09 am right now :(

Those are pics from the first time we went through. Then we walked around the other parts and things they had while waiting for it to be time for the pig races.

We were all too fat to ride the camel.

There were 4 pigs that were racing and the stands around the track were color coordinated and we sat in the orange section and so cheered for Dale Swinhart Jr.

We thought the race would take a long time and that the pigs would be slow but they freaking RAN they were little pig bullets. It was astonishing.

Our pig won. EVERY TIME.

Then we went through the park again. My mom p much forced my cousin Jess to drive and she was slightly terrified at first but did a better job than my mom did and it was much better the second time through.

Then after we went through again, we left and stopped at McDonalds THE WORST MCDONALDS I'VE EVER BEEN TO. They took so long and kept saying that everything cost extra but in a mean way. It took at least 25 minutes for me to get my food. And then it was all cold! But it was ok. We had coupons for free smoothies and mine was soooo good. Hah this entry is now very much sucking in terms of, like, quality and good sentence structure and coherentness and me not sounding like my 15 year old blogging self I don't know what I'm saying any more even. But ok yes it was a fun day and I am tired and am going to go to bed now, all right.


  1. I WANT TO GO TO THERE. It looks fun.

  2. hhaha i love that pic of the little deer and it's just like "hey what's up" hahahahaha

  3. mcdonalds smoothies are the best. If I could only get one thing from McDonalds on each of my visits, it would be that and they practically give them away because they know they are awesome and they wanna spread the word and marketing is a fun thing to think about.


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