Monday, August 2, 2010

another beda thing family and something i woke up very late

Hi hey hello today is August second almost not even that any more. I have a very very bad sleep schedule and just woke up like 15 minutes ago. I was up earlier today though and there were daycare kids here and we watched some of the Lindsay Lohan version of the Parent Trap. That movie is great and my sister used to not be allowed to watch the part with the lizards crawling on the mean lady because she had nightmares about it.

I guess we are supposed to talk about our families today?? I don't know; I have a sister Kara who is 16 and who is painfully the typically teenagery kind of person. She likes the worst music, very seriously 'whatever's on the radio played at a reasonable volume'. She is about the same height as me which is about 5'10" but is lankier. She takes like 2 hours to get ready in the morning. She plays volleyball and basketball at school and is pretty good at both though better at volleyball. She isn't aggressive enough (on the court, believe me she is plenty aggressive @ me and other things) to be a really good basketball player. She just got her ear pierced which was a big thing and broke up with her boyfriend who she was dating for like a year and a half or something who I didn't like who just pretty much grunted all the time and didn't speak clearly ever and who was a very bleh kind of person and not very nice to people in general except for her which ugh. But so yeah that's all she's been driving a lot recently which is terrifying because she is STILL not very good at turning.

And my parents are normal typical parents. My mom does daycare at our house, which she has done for like 10 years, maybe? Before that she was an accountant at a law firm. Right now she doesn't have very many kids and doesn't watch them very often. My grandma has pretty bad Alzheimer's and still lives alone (which she definitely shouln't at this point), and my mom goes over there pretty much every day to make sure she's ok and take care of things and make sure she hasn't put laundry detergent in the dryer or cat litter in the laundry basket or her pill dispenser in the microwave. Other than that, she likes gardening and playing Hearts on the internet and reading facebook every hour of the day and following everything I ever do or say online ever. Which she is reading this right now I am sure ugh.

My dad works at General Plug, a factory kind of place that makes plugs. Which I have never been too sure exactly what they do but from deformed pieces he's brought home, I can tell you that they are big heavy blobby metal things. I think they have to do with lawnmowers and other machines like that. He likes airplanes a lot and all things related to them in wars and etc. He likes taking care of his leather jacket(s?) all the time, putting polish or whatever it is that you put on leather things, and the jackets have a billion military and NASA and etc patches all over them which I find really amusing as he's never served in or done anything w/r/t military stuff. He also has a giant collection of hats that he always tries to make larger though he is normally stopped by my mom because he doesn't need that many hats at all duh!! And never hardly wears the ones he has any more, even.

Also I'm supposed to say five words that I always misspell:
1. jewelery
2. hallelujah
3. annihilate
4. silhouette
5. coliseum


  1. I didn't know you were so tall! That is cool.

  2. I find the way you think and write very fascinating. I want to observe your family interactions. it would be fun/informative.

  3. i was trying to spell coliseum yesterday @ burger king


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