Wednesday, August 4, 2010

all right cool thing virus broken rip

So like an hour ago I got a billion pop up alerts and things saying my computer was infected and that all sites were attack sites and the thing that was saying all of this was not a virus protection program I had installed which was not good and I couldn't open any windows or programs because it said everything was a threat, the virus program that is itself not a virus program but a virus did, so then I tried to restart my computer in safe mode to begin the process of extricating the virus but then it wouldn't and won't load past a certain thing and the screen is just black and it won't start up normally now either sooooooooooooo I am talking to a Windows person and things are progressing slowly but I have a feeling that they are not progressing at all in actuality?? End my life.

I don't know what to write about besides that as it is p much entirely consuming my brain's mental processes at the moment. I was planning on posting pictures of pages and cool things from one of the annotated Harry Potter books I've gotten so far, but I am on our old old laptop which's screen is dead and is hooked up to a nice monitor but the computer is just a bad old slow laptop that sucks and I don't want to even try to import pictures onto this thing.

The very polite and hopefully helpful Nazrul H has just told me that there is only one more thing we can try before the last option which is the reinstallation of Windows :( which does that delete stuff? I mean I assume it would. But not all the stuff. I don't know anything about computers.

Sorry this is the worst blog of all time and of interest to no one ever.

I really do abuse my laptop, and it is two years old now and is on pretty much 24/7 which is awful and I use it all day and I've never had any problems with viruses before so this was pretty inevitable but come on! BOOOOOOO.

Um umm tomorrow I have that aforementioned meeting with a college/career counselor tomorrow which hopefully will set some things up or make them clearer, at least. And then on Friday I am going with my family and my cousins to African Safari Wildlife Park, one of those things where you drive your car through a thing and the giraffes stick their heads in your window and lick your face or bite you or whatever. We used to go there a lot. They have camel rides and I guess pig races which I don't remember ever seeing before though my mom swears we did. So that will be fun hopefully. I want to get a lot of good pictures; that would be rad. AND WOULD MAKE A GOOD BLOG!

I think that that is all for today. This has been a good distraction whilst waiting for Nazrul to respond to the idiotic things I am typing at him/her.


say a thing say something say it say it right now