Sunday, August 8, 2010

old people elderly old old old

This entry is brought to you by Very Tired Valerie(tm) and the letter P.

I don't know you guys I've been asleep for the past twoish hours and once again have awoken to blog. Really very incoherent and I don' know you guys.

We went to concert at a park place that had an amphitheater and when we got there it was like 500 old people and two children. I was lured into going by promises of 50s music, which hey 50s music is pretty good and cool. I did not know that this was a geriatric band. I am not being mean in saying that either. All of the band's members were probably over 40. They all were sitting down, the lead guitarist in an actual literal rocking chair. That was very disappointing. Then they said their name. It was totally incomprehensible the entire show and I had no idea what they were saying until my cousin Abby oh so unnecessarily called out for a flyer for their tour dates from an old lady walking around handing them out to people. They were called the GeezeCats. Geeze Cats Dot Com, Son. So there was that, strike two in what turned out to be a night, an avalanche, an unending roll of strike after strike after strike after strike.

I don't know where I'm getting these stupid sayings from or why I keep employing them so idiotically; nothing was even really bad, just pathetically old and feeble and I felt like Hank Green at that banjo concert in Florida with like how could this even take place without at least one elderly person keeling over.

So anyway the place was very full and but we had plenty of room to spread our blanket on part of the hill to the side of the stage because it was just angled enough for the old peeps to not risk attempting to balance/steady themselves there in folding lawn chairs. A lady right below us actually did half fall over in her chair onto another old lady next to her, it was p funny.

And whatever whatever, the band played so generically and blandly and my sister and cousin Abby and I spent the time taking weird semi-unintentionally model-like pictures and playing with silly putty that got all stuck all over and on my silly band, which did I mention my other cousin gave me one, an orange one that is a cat, when we were at breakfast at Bob Evans the other day. Bob Evans.

Blob Evans.

We left before the concert was over.


  1. We don't even have Bob Evans anymore. It turned into a Mexican place. Old people went there too, but idc they had good food.

    The zoo here has band music every once in a while in the summer and we went and it was JUST LIKE THIS. WITH EVERYONE OLD.

    cool silly band.

  2. "We left before the concert was over" it's like a cool title for an autobiography? maybe

  3. i'm sorry you didn't have fun. or something more thoughtful. idk i'm tired.


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