Sunday, August 1, 2010


Today is August first! The first day of August! And people decided that it would be Blog Every Day August! Or Vlog Every Day August! Even the name BEDA makes me happy because the ED implies that every day is, in fact, two words in this type of usage which is a good and wonderful and true thing. I'm typing this while listening to Katie and Geri and Maddie and Blaze and MANAR (I HAVE MISSED YOU MANAR) talk in a call made possible by skype dot com, and whenever I try to think to type when there are other people?? my type of typing is weird, and also when I type blogs specifically to type blogs I phrase things differently and oddly and strangely and I don't know whatever never mind.

Haha I keep trying to go on John Green's old website to find a blog post and it keeps telling me it's full of viruses NICE.

So for the first day I am doing an introductory post-ish? And then telling you five hobbies or things I like or enjoy that not very many people know about.

I did BEDA in April last year and actually completed it, though a few entries were posted slightly after midnight, I did it I did it I did it ok.

And things I like that nobody probably knows:

I like fire! A lot. I like burning things and setting things on fire and etc. A few days ago I roasted miniature marshmallows in my living room, which my mom who woke up to go to the bathroom at 3 am was not very pleased about. A bunch of times on hot or bright days I like to go outside with a magnifying glass and try to set leaves on fire or burn holes in plastic bottles or whatever. It is very fun.

Honeysuckles like the flowers are so amazing, and we have a bunch of bushes on the back fence in our back yard, and every summer when they are bloomed, I love going back there and picking a bunch, just the flower part, and then pulling the stamen out through the bottom and there is like nectar in there that is really good. And they smell nice but they attract a lot of bugs which is dumb and bad.

Sledding is one of my favorite things ever, and winter and snow and being outside in all of it. One of the only reasons I like Ohio at all is because it has good real winters with cold enough temperatures to sustain snow. A lot of days in the winter I go outside and stay out there for hours at a time and now that I am older and it is not really acceptable to play in the snow or roll around when you are by yourself and 18 or 19 or 20 years old WHICH IS LAME but I do anyways and sometimes just lie there for forever and am completely entirely content and happy just doing that.

I love roller coasters. And amusement parks. Mostly just Cedar Point, I guess. Because that is really the only park I've been to multiple times besides Geauga Lake/Sea World/whatever it is now. My family used to get season passes every year, and we'd go like 10 times a summer, but for the past 5 or so years we haven't because things cost too much money and we're poor. When I was younger, like 12 or 13, I memorized the stats of a ridiculous amount of roller coasters. What year they were built, top speed, height, track length, type, any achievements or Firsts or whatever. I did a report/presentation/powerpoint on the history of Cedar Point for my final-ish for US Geography last year. I REALLY REALLY LOVE CEDAR POINT, YOU GUYS.

In high school I did the volleyball scorebook for the junior high and sometimes JV or Varsity teams. This seems like a dumb boring thing but the process and all of keeping them is really hard and involved and insanely complicated, and it took me about a month to get it all down and to not feel like I was screwing everything up always. So I went to pretty much every game of my sister's every year which was pretty cool and fun because I didn't have a life so I had lots of free time so it was cool! It was neat to travel around everywhere and a lot of riding in vans and eating concession stand food.


  1. ugh i love honeysuckles so much. there is a ton of bushes against the guardrail by my old house and we used to stand up there and eat them for an hour every day. and that was where we caught the bus to school but in the morning they would be too dewy and gross.

  2. val i'm going to steal the imagery of you just laying in the snow for a book someday.

  3. valerie once again we are the same person sledding etc is awesome although I hate roller coasters. once there was a carnival at my church and to see if i could handle a roller coaster I got on this thing that was a wheel and you sit inside of it and it just spins you upside down and the second it started I turned white and screamed that they had to stop it so that's how i know roller coasters are horrible

  4. I LOVE SLEDDING. But the place we sled was recently dubbed a "historical land" so we might hurt the historical land with our sledding. It's dumb. And I love Cedar Point, too, but I haven't been there since 8th grade, which was in like 1942.

  5. God, I'm so glad you're doing BEDA again, Valerie. <3

  6. i have always wanted to go to cedar point will you take me one day

  7. valerie you are such a cool and interesting person
    keeping the scorebook for volleyball is a really hard thing! we had to learn and keep track when I played and it shouldn't be as involved as it is but it is! that's cool that you did that


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