Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ok wow.

So, I graduate this Friday. This is extremely weird and incomprehensible. School is over. No more school ever. I will never ever have a class with the people I've been with for thirteen years again. OH MAN YOU GUYS, I HAVE TO GIVE A FRICKIN' SPEECH. I've written it and everything, and the speech itself is a-ok. BUT I HAVE TO GIVE IT. To people. A lot of them. I do not like these valedictory duties. "Valedictory duties" is an awesome phrase, and people should use it more in everyday conversation. I'm nervous. I don't like speaking in general, let alone in front of people. Oh well. And then come the barrage of graduation parties. This will be fun. I am excited about this. I love the parties. Except for the I-most-likely-will-almost-never-see-you-again-ness of them. Change sucks.

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