Monday, June 16, 2008

Hey now everybody now hey now everybody hey now everybody now.

Last night, for like three hours, I tried to compact my tags, like making all the "videos" and "video" into "video", and stuff like that. LJ need a better system for doing this. It drove me crazy. Now I'm pretty much finished, and I made sure all my entries had tags. It's interesting to see which I've used the most. they might be giants - 57 school - 38 hugh laurie - 38 awesome - 37 john linnell - 30 church - 27 the office - 23 late night tv - 23 kara - 23 sam - 23 tj - 22 john flansburgh - 22 house - 21 bob - 19 My favorite tag is "eggs" which is extremely random, but I've used it 9 times. For my online student development class, we had to take a personality type quiz, and it was pretty in-depth, over 70 questions long: Click to view my Personality Profile page I think from now on, once a week, on Mondays, I shall post an interesting/funny/cool/weird video. Or any time I find a video I like. Mostly because I'm bored, and partly so I will actually be updating this journal. Which I've kind of been neglecting to do since last year.

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